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Updated: February 17, 2009, 9:23 PM ET

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Paid attention to the week in sports -- and other stuff, like the stirring triumph of Mitt Romney's fabulously presidential hair -- that was? Put your powers of observation and recall to the test with our biggest weekly quiz yet: 1. O.J. Simpson:
(a) "Got in trouble"
(b) "Got in trouble"

2. When New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss told reporters "check my résumé … I do not hit women," he was referring to:
(a) Meter maids
(b) Automobiles driven by Randy Moss
(c) None of the above

3. The 2012 London Olympics reportedly faces a potential budget shortfall of:
(a) $2 billion
(b) That's a lot of bribes

4. According to Jacksonville Jaguars rookie safety Reggie Nelson, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady "ain't all that" because:
(a) Brady completed 26 of 28 passes against the Jags
(b) Brady tossed three touchdowns against the Jags
(c) Brady set an NFL single-game passing accuracy record against the Jags
(d) Brady threw two incompletions against the Jags?

5. An Associated Press story about the Patriots-Jaguars playoff game described Brady as:
(a) The dimple-chinned quarterback with the winning smile
(b) The strong-jawed signal-caller with the dreamy eyes
(c) The chisel-cheeked passer with the perfect teeth
(d) Almost as much of a hottie as Zac Efron

6. After he was tackled by Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis on a potential breakaway touchdown reception, Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth:
(a) Pounded the ground, then punched his legs as if they were defective
(b) Told a reporter that the punching was punishment from his alter ego, Nicco, a space alien that resides on Mars
(c) A and B
(d) Refilled his Clozaril prescription

7. Who is more upset with Mexico?
(a) Lou Dobbs
(b) Dallas Cowboys fans 8. Identify the image to the right:
(a) Hillary Clinton, campaigning in New Hampshire
(b) Rutger Hauer, releasing a dove into the rain
(c) Iron Eyes Cody, every time you toss another Big Mac wrapper out the window
(d) Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens

9. When Owens told reporters that he has "always had good relationships with quarterbacks," he was referring to:
(a) Jeff Garcia
(b) Donovan McNabb
(c) Someone he played with at one of those Pro Bowl beach football charity games, maybe?

10. Before Dallas' home playoff loss to New York, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly gave each of his players two tickets to:
(a) The Ron Paul Inaugural Ball
(b) The "Chinese Democracy" release party
(c) The NFC Championship Game at Texas Stadium
(d) Cabo

11. The New York Post:
(a) Sent a Jessica Simpson look-alike to Texas Stadium to watch the Dallas-New York game
(b) Placed her behind the Cowboys' bench
(c) Wrote a story about the stunt
(d) Is awesome
(e) All of the above

12. According to Star magazine, Jessica Simpson:
(a) Received 12 practice jerseys from
boyfriend/Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo
(b) Finds it "comforting and romantic" to sleep in the jerseys
(c) Refuses to wash one jersey because "it smells like Tony"
(d) All of the above
(e) Wait -- are we talking about Jessica Simpson or Terrell Owens?

13. According to an report, which of the following items was Cowboys coach Wade Phillips unable to locate following his team's loss to New York?
(a) Points
(b) Pass protection
(c) Two tickets to the NFC Championship Game at Texas Stadium
(d) His car keys

14. When Phillips later said, "after looking at the tape, I feel like the best team lost the game," he was referring to:
(a) Villanova defeating Georgetown in the 1985 NCAA men's basketball final
(b) The Patriots beating the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI
(c) Any victory involving the 2007-08 New York Knicks
(d) None of the above

15. Whom did former NBA star Glen Rice find hiding in his estranged wife's closet?
(a) A man Rice allegedly punched several times, according to police
(b) Najeh Davenport

16. Former New York Yankees strength coach Brian McNamee reportedly told federal authorities that around the same time he allegedly injected Roger Clemens with steroids, the pitcher developed:
(a) An abscess on his buttocks
(b) A third ear on his forehead
(c) Tractor-pull-chain scars on his lips and gums
(d) A keen interest in the legal dimensions of plausible deniability

17. During the latest congressional steroid hearings, Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn.:
(a) Said that baseball's Black Sox scandal involved the "Chicago Black Hawks"
(b) Talked about Rafael "Palmeir-EE's" "300th" hit
(c) A and B
(d) Wondered how members of the federal government could ever bungle Hurricane Katrina relief and prewar Iraqi intelligence estimates so badly

18. Also during the congressional hearings, former Sen. George Mitchell compared the difficulty of baseball's coming to terms with steroid abuse to:
(a) Peace negotiations in Northern Ireland
(b) Any negotiation involving Scott Boras
(c) Bud Selig and Donald Fehr negotiating pizza toppings
(d) Negotiating the Oakland A's clubhouse bathroom stalls, circa 1989, while sidestepping discarded syringes

19. When Mitchell told Congress that "sometimes you have to turn the page and look to the future," he was referring to:
(a) Punishing players named in the Mitchell report
(b) Reading the part in "Juiced" where Jose Canseco writes "using growth hormone can make your penis bigger and make you more easily aroused" while researching the Mitchell report

20. According to reports, who wants to be the next coach of the Atlanta Falcons?
(a) None of the above

21. Marion Jones:
(a) Made a mistake
(b) Just one?

22. When Jones told Oprah Winfrey that "a person's character is determined by their admission of their mistakes," she was referring to:
(a) Her previous weepy public admission of taking a single steroid, the Clear, which came only under prosecutorial duress
(b) Her previous weepy claim that she took the Clear unknowingly, thinking it was flaxseed oil, which also came only under prosecutorial duress
(c) Strong evidence suggesting that Jones took more than one performance-enhancing drug and knew what she was doing the whole time, which is part of the reason a federal judge gave her a maximum six-month prison sentence for lying to federal investigators
(d) Oops

23. Which of the following headlines is LEAST surprising?
(a) NCAA Says Playoff Idea Isn't Worth Forming a Committee
(b) Isiah Thomas No Longer Talking About Knicks Job Status
(c) Pacman Accused of Punching Woman at Strip Club
(d) Possible Loophole in MLB Drug Testing
(e) None of the above

24. The NCAA voted to uphold a proposal that:
(a) Bans coaches from text messaging recruits
(b) Figures to significantly reduce BlackBerry replacement expenditures in the Indiana University basketball program's FY '08 budget

25. Two New York City men reportedly were arrested for:
(a) Pushing a corpse, seated in an office chair, into a check-cashing store in order to cash the dead man's Social Security check
(b) Wow, Isiah Thomas is already collecting Social Security?

26. Speaking to reporters, Thomas compared himself to:
(a) The construction worker who pours the concrete but never gets a chance to live in the beautiful house that he built
(b) The arsonist who pours the gasoline but never gets a chance to roast s'mores in the flames of the beautiful house that he soaked
(c) The Japanese commander who orders the bombing of Pearl Harbor but never gets a chance to see how his beautiful war plans turn out
(d) The general manager who signs Jerome James but never gets a chance to see him play

27. A California Institute of Technology study found that a pleasure center in the brain:
(a) Responds more strongly to expensive wines than cheaper ones, even when the wine is actually the same
(b) If only the same held true for $8 stadium beer.

28. During a playoff game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers, fans at the RCA Dome booed:
(a) A 14-year-old girl wearing a New England Patriots jersey
(b) A bunch of 20- and 30-somethings wearing Indianapolis Colts jerseys who made Billy Volek look like Tom Brady vivisecting the Jags
(c) Just A

29. Because of official error, the NBA announced that:
(a) The Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat must replay the final 51.9 seconds of a game they played last month
(b) The Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings must replay Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals
(c) The Los Angeles Clippers will be given do-overs for the years they selected Benoit Benjamin, Bo Kimble, Lamond Murray and Michael Olowokandi with top-10 draft picks
(d) The Toronto Raptors' cartoon dinosaur jerseys never existed

30. Upset that his 7-year-old son wouldn't wear a Green Bay Packers jersey, a Wisconsin man:
(a) Restrained the boy for an hour, using tape
(b) Taped the jersey onto the boy
(c) A and B
(d) Patiently explained to the boy that Brett Favre died for our sins

31. Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani:
(a) Refused to sign a potential voter's Packers hat following a campaign stop, saying it would be "bad luck" for his hometown Giants
(b) Isn't too concerned about Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes

32. According to the Albany Times-Union, which of the following musical artists did NOT allegedly receive shipments of steroids and human growth hormone?
(a) Mary J. Blige
(b) 50 Cent
(c) Timbaland
(d) Wyclef Jean
(e) Fat Joe

33. Two University of Colorado students were forced to apologize for dressing the school's mascot, Chip, in:
(a) A do-rag
(b) Fake gold teeth
(c) A teardrop tattoo below one eye
(d) All of the above
(e) A Knicks jersey


34. Pacman Jones : strip clubs
(a) Lindsay Lohan : abusable substances
(b) Jacko : sleepovers
(c) Britney Spears : life
(d) All of the above

35. LeBron James : driving 65
(a) Sammy Hagar : driving 55
(b) All of the above


36. Former Durham, N.C., district attorney Mike Nifong filed for:
(a) Bankruptcy
(b) Moral bankruptcy

37. According to a British newspaper, a High Court lawyer in India:
(a) Filed a case for the arrest and imprisonment of Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, who put her feet up near an Indian flag while watching a colleague play an exhibition match
(b) Is just maybe a bit oversensitive to perceived slights and insults
(c) Just moved up the New England Patriots' draft board

38. The Associated Press reportedly began preparing an obituary for:
(a) Britney Spears
(b) Britney Spears' music career
(c) Britney Spears' status as a sex symbol
(d) The treatment for "Crossroads II"

39. A London newspaper reported that Ugandan police foiled a plot to kill the Queen of England hatched by:
(a) Al-Qaeda
(b) Reggie Jackson


None this week -- if you've made it this far, you've suffered enough.

Answer Key: 1, a-b; 2, c, and that's without mentioning an earlier domestic dispute involving Moss; 3, a, and in the annals of Olympic budgeting overruns, that's actually not bad; 4, d, we suppose; 5, a, and who can blame The AP? Brady is such a hunk!; 6, c; 7, both answers valid; 8, d; 9, no answers valid, your guess is as good as ours; 10, c, Jerry Jones showed hubris?; 11, e, we heart the NY Post; 12-14, d; 15-16, a, and yuck; 17, c, and nice work by his research interns; 18, a, and that really puts sports in perspective; 19, a, and our sincere apologies for even mentioning Jose Jr.; 20, a; 21, a-b; 22, d, and Jones has mastered the concept of truthfulness; 23, e; 24, a; 25, a, who can resist a gratuitous Zeke crack?; 26, a, and good grief!; 27-29, a; 30, c, and you thought tennis dads were crazy; 31, a, though b seems likely; 32, e, say it ain't so, Fiddy!; 33-34, d; 35, b; 36-37, a; 38, a, and that's without mentioning Lindsay Lohan being sentenced to work in a morgue alongside the Ghost of Christmas Future; 39, a.


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