76. The lack of respect given to Dwight Evans. When's the last time you saw a Dewey Evans jersey at Fenway?

77. The 1947-51 Red Sox. Despite stars like Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, Vern Stephens, Mel Parnell and Ellis Kinder, they didn't win a single pennant those years. And the Yankee dynasty of the '50s began its domination.

78. That game in the Kingdome I was at in 1996 when Mike Greenwell set a record by driving in all nine runs in a 9-8 Red Sox victory.

79. Mike Gimbel.

80. Eating four sausages at Fenway.

81. The reverence given former owner Tom Yawkey. Geez, maybe he'd have won a World Series if he had considered signing Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays.

82. The strange infatuation with former reliever Rich "El Guapo" Garces.

83. The Pedro-Zimmer brawl.

84. Letting Carlton Fisk sign with the White Sox back in '81.

85. Did I mention "Fever Pitch"?

86. Another Page 2 story on the Red Sox or Yankees? My god, can't you clowns give it up? There are other teams out there, you know. Do you realize the Blue Jays are in first place right now? Even the Devil Rays are ahead of your beloved Red Sox and Yankees. Gimme a break. How 'bout the other Sox? They haven't won since 1917. When's the last time somebody made a documentary on their fans? And how 'bout those Brewers? Off to a 4-2 start? What do your columnists think about their chances this season? But, no ... Red Sox, Red Sox, Red Sox ...

David Schoenfield is an editor for Page 2 and is currently in custody with the Page 2 Writers Protection Program. We had to take his e-mail down after his mailbox crashed.

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