Rob: You think that hoary old idea is dead? Do you remember what people were saying about the Diamondbacks' chances after Byung-Hyun Kim got hammered in two straight games? People said there's no way the Diamondbacks can win, now that the Yankees have shown them what's what. I promise you, whether it's next year or the year after that, some team will lose a huge game in excruciating fashion and all the Mo-Mos will be back, telling us the psychological damage just can't be undone. Which of course is as silly now as it's always been ... Oh, and I'm not ready to give up on the throwbacks yet. How's about in Game 2, the Astros wear their 1970s togs and the White Sox don 1959 unis? And here's a bit of enticement for MLB ... merchandising!

Eric: As for the throwback idea, I'm with you. I have only one caution: No shorts. No big lapels. All right, that's two cautions. One for each of Greg Luzinski's naked knees.

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