By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

All hail the queen. Serena Williams made her case as the sports world's leading fashionista at her opening match Monday night at the U.S. Open. Serena wore a Puma-labeled, all-in-one, skin-tight, black faux-leather, Daisy-Duke-cut uniform, complemented with a pink wristband and a little ice on the wrist. This ain't Wimbledon; it was pure New York.

Whether she wins the Open or not, she has set a new bar for women's tennis. And don't be looking for it at your local shopping center, either. Let Serena tell you herself: "If you don't have a decent shape, this isn't the outfit to have." If only that was posted in every dressing room in town.

So now that you know one thing that's "in," check out the rest of what's cool and passé in sports:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Jamal Anderson pun Boston Flee Party Boston TD Party
Florida State

Seneca Wallace
Heisman front-runner
Maurice Clarett

Kliff Kingsbury
New-logo mania Grizzlies Hornets
LLWS hotbed Brooklyn in '03 Harlem in '02
Labor issue Still the money Drug-testing
Oh, the fans will care! Sportswriters on strike! Players on strike!
That feisty Cincy QB battle Gus Frerotte Jon Kitna
NFL bandwagon Chemistry Talent
Hoops World Championships Dirk Nowitzki The Hardly-a-Dream Team
Out pitch Eephus Sinker
NBA free agent Bryon Russell Rafer Alston
NFL "-ologist" Replay-ologist Cap-ologist
What to say 'bout Anna K. No winning, no problem Enough of the losing already
Savior of men's tennis
James Blake

Andy Roddick
Baseball alliterative name Jacque Jones Coco "15 Minutes" Crisp
Weekend matchup Washington-Michigan Owners-players
Olympic sport Golf Baseball

A very special What's Hot, What's Not List supplement
In honor of Page 2's tribute to sports movies, we present a special supplement to the weekly "What's Hot, What's Not" list:

What's Hot, What's Not with sports films
Category Hot Not
Plots Flawed heroes Scrappy underdogs
Sport subject Anything "X" Baseball
Worthy of a sequel "Blue Crush II: Beach Party" "Juwanna Mann II: S/he's Back"
Britney Spears NASCAR-style movie-star Top 40 hit-maker
Candidates for new Fed chair Hoosiers' Norman Dale Rocky's Paulie
Vin Diesel

Ving Rhames
Documentaries Bull-riding Boxing
Underappreciated "Rocky III" "Rocky V"
Teen genre

Summer Catch on DVD
Fad coming out of next season's movies Bear Bryant-style hats "Quidditch" as Olympic sport

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