By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Johnny Unitas made black high-top shoes hot before the Fab Five were even born. His flat-top was legendary (more on that in a sec). His No. 19 Colts jersey deserves a spot in the Retro-Jersey-As-Fashion Hall of Fame. But for those fans too young to see him play live, Johnny U's pop-cultural "cool" factor hit its peak in 1995, on "The Simpsons," of all places.

Johnny Unitas
Forget Nair or electrolysis, Johnny Unitas knew the hip way to get rid of unwanted hair.

In a February episode, Unitas made a cameo, poking fun at ex-sports stars who dispassionately hock products on TV infomercials. His brief pitch for the "Lady Krusty Mustache Removal System" was a classic. Then, in a November episode, show writers paid tribute to the signature Johnny U. look during a flashback sequence as Grandpa Abe sat on his couch watching Super Bowl III. He announced his disgust with flashy Joe Namath: "Look at them sideburns. He looks like a girl," Abe growled. "Now, Johnny Unitas ... there's a haircut you could set your watch to!"

So feel free to go get that flat-top you've been thinking about; it should be the look for September. And for more on what's hot (and what's not) this week, check out the list below:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Obstruction/interference under scrutiny NHL players Wall Street players
Pete and Andre Davis Cup snubbery Aging greats put on show
MJ's potential new line Shoe orthotics Casual wear
Jersey to be seen in
Michael Vick

Kordell Stewart
Trash-talker Wide receivers Kick holders
Lakers' four-peat chances Toe-kay! Toe-no!
Jamal Anderson watch Healthier, but Pats don't want him Pats want him, but he's not healthy
Jeremy Bloom watch Can I still get me some of that endorsement loot? Oh, it's just a broken toe
Kansas Jayhawks NASCAR paint job College hoops power
NHL cover boy
Simon Gagne

Alex Tanguay
Keith Hernandez Spineless "analyst" On-target critic
Naming rights Skateboard parks Football stadiums
Mr. Sponsor-Friendly
Tom Brady

Tony Stewart
Athletic shoes Yoga kicks Zip-ups
Shanghai surprise! Anna K. escapes first round! Anna K. launches beauty-product line!
Quentin Jammer

Bryant McKinnie
"I got set up" Chris Webber Ray Buchanan
Heisman bandwagon
Marshall QB Byron Leftwich

Florida QB Rex Grossman
Weekend flick "Barbershop" "Stealing Harvard"
Tom Hicks picks
The loser

The winner
Who'll-get-the-shots? debate Jordan vs. Stackhouse Hamilton vs. Billups
The Gino Toretta Trophy winner Eric Crouch Andre Ware

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