By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

The weather is getting a little more brisk, but the retro-fashion fad with NBA gear remains scorching. It's a little tougher to troll around town simply in a jersey (if so, we hope you're wearing it backward, as we noted midsummer). But there have been increasing sightings of puffy satin jackets, embroidered with classic NBA team names and logos.

We personally favor the nifty blue "Baltimore Bullets" version, though classic gear-maker Mitchell & Ness put endorser/rap star Fabolous in a nice-looking Celtics jacket in their most recent ad campaign. Find your own look, but just remember not to forget your scarf. (Hmm: When will NFL teams appropriate the long-time European soccer-fashion merchandising juggernaut that is team-specific scarves? Must be a Europe thing.)

For more on what's hot and what's not this week, check out this week's list below:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
NBA fashion trend Wear road uniforms at home Ultra-baggy shorts
Super trio Tracy McGrady-Grant Hill-Pat Burke Kobe-Shaq-Devean George
Richard Williams Swingin' single Wacky tennis father
Augusta landscape
Burk wins

Hootie loses
Question about Maravich Uh, did he play for the Hornets? Does he deserve to have his N.O. number retired?
Manager hirings

Big names
NFL's biggest problem Homophobia Violence of hits
QB Jeff "Nine Lives" George Any Hasselbeck
Jackson Willie Phil
Heisman-worthy running back
Chris Brown (Colorado)

Maurice Clarett (Ohio State)
Big Ten's biggest problem Blown calls BCS rankings
Punchline headline "Knicks give Chaney extension" "Knicks looking for LeBron"
MLB free agent
Jeff Kent

Shawon Dunston
Bandwagon Extra-wide headbands in place of 'do-rags Thunder Stix, Cheer Stix or any other object you can hit outfielders with
Weekend flick "I Spy" "The Santa Clause 2"
Notre Dame Love 'em Hate 'em
Hall of Fame shoo-in Marcus Allen Paul Tagliabue
T'Wolves' go-to guy
Troy Hudson

Kevin Garnett
Giants-as-champs Yomiuri (Japan)
sidewinder TD scamper
San Francisco
Needs-more-pub fantasy-league waiver steal Gordon Giricek (Grizzlies) Shammond Williams (Celtics)
Yankees trade bait
Jorge Posada

Mike Mussina
Early-season NBA postgame cliché "We have to learn from this one." "We'll take 'em one at a time."
NBA expansion Six divisions Quaint four-division structure
Herschel Walker College Football Hall of Famer Pro Football Hall of Famer

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