Draft Strategy: "I'm going global, like MLB, the NBA and the NHL. My biographer calls my method "Moneybee," which is a little misleading, but it works OK. Here's how it goes: search the far corners of the planet to get the most talent for the fewest dollars. Look for value. Where's value? Where nobody else is looking! So, I've got talent from New Zealand, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Samoa, and Louisiana, an up-and-coming domestic hotbed of spelling. (Have you noticed that even the kindergarteners in the Sportsman's Paradise can spell "Louisiana?" That's almost as impressive as all those kids in France, who – if you ever go there, you'll notice – speak fluent French.) Finally, a sentimental note: I also chose Nicole Mae San Mateo Mercado just because she's got a great name – the best in the tourney."

GM No. 7: Kurt Snibbe
Roster: Nitish Lakhanpal (16); Kyle Louis Rogacion (15); Jacob Allen DeVine (130); Saryn Rebecca Hooks (179); Yiping Wang (265)

Draft Strategy: "My current stable of spellers may look like a quick-pick printout for the SuperLotto, but if I were to reveal the science behind my picks I could lose my edge in my six upcoming roto/spell drafts. What I can tell you is the key to becoming an orthographic phenom is in the heart. I don't care if you eat dictionaries for breakfast, the desire to win has to be strong within, like the "me" in "domenation." You take away the "me," and all you have is Do Nation, and nobody wants that."

GM No. 8: David Schoenfield
Roster: Dovie Eisner (47); Evan Zachary Lawler (24); Elliott P. Orr (122); Ike U. Elele (109); Daniel P. Chacko (246)

Draft Strategy: "Strategy? Just like poker, Scrabble and trying to outthink Dusty Baker, strategy is overrated. Just pick names you like. Dovie Eisner? A no-brainer; I'm a good company man. Ike U. Elele? Rolls off the tongue with the sweetness of an ice cream cone at a summer fair. Evan Zachary Lawler? You gotta love the confidence of a kid who goes by three names. Only thing better would be a speller with one name, like a Brazilian soccer star, or one with four, like last year's champ, David Scott Pilarski Tidmarsh. No wonder he won.

GM No. 9: Eric Neel
Roster: Chelsey Ann Bipat (8); Edwin Ho (26); Calvin O. Lau (43); Isaac P. Kurth (92); William Waitman Weitzel (79)

Draft Strategy: "My strategy was simple: I went with spellers whose names called out to me. In a dream. While I was sleeping off what I swear was my first experiment with peyote."

GM No. 10: Kevin Jackson
Roster: Joshua Tyson Tenhet (9); Andrew Lokomaikai'keakue Kaleohano (264); Daniel Benjamin Snyder (134); Nicholas J. Marcucci (38); Sue Ann P. Yap (144)

Draft Strategy: "Employed a nonsensical, wide-sweeping strategy that was difficult to rationalize or follow. Top pick Tenhet was selected out of apathy for anyone who has to live in Bakersfield, Calif. No. 2 pick Andrew Lokomaikai'keakue Kaleohano owns the longest name in the competition. Third choice Daniel Snyder can hire and fire anyone in the field, plus he owns a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. No. 4 choice Nicholas Marcucci shares a surname and a home state with one of ESPN.com's top copy editors. Final pick Sue Ann P. Yap is sure to be a member of the Bee's All-Chris Berman Team.


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