Deron Williams: Strange player to evaluate because there hasn't been an NBA point guard even remotely like him -- he's built like a tree trunk, only it's all muscle and girth. If Raymond Felton couldn't guard him, how could half the PG's in the NBA handle him? What happens if he learns how to post smaller guys up? Really intriguing player. Not only is he going to be good, when he grows into that body, he's going to be the first point guard in NBA history who's 6-foot-3 and weighs 260 pounds -- almost like watching an NFL tight end running the point in a charity game, only for 82 games a year. Mortal lock for the top-7.

Jawad Williams: Grew on me throughout the tournament -- one of those fundamentally sound, fifth-banana types who doesn't take anything off the table. The Celtics have a 12th man named Justin Reed who does many of the same things, and he's not even half as good as Williams. Absolutely a 9-man rotation guy some day. And can you really go wrong with a guy named "Jawad"? I see him sneaking into the end of the first round.

Luther Head: Not sure about this one -- he doesn't have the handle to play point, and he's not tall enough to play two. Reminds me of Juan Dixon, another great college player who didn't quite translate to the pros. I have no idea where he would go. Fantastic name though.

Rashad McCants: A leading candidate for the 2005 Bo Kimble/Miles Simon Award. I couldn't have been less impressed -- he's four years away from his first Slamball game.

Dee Brown: Someone who could thrive in the pros because he has definable skills -- great defender, lightning fast, decent three point shooter. He's not a true point guard, but he could be effective on the right team with a bigger player who can handle the ball (like LeBron, for instance). And he's a good guy to boot, plus he looks like Little Bow Wow. I have high "sleeper" hopes for him.

Francisco Garcia: Reminds me of Kerry Kittles -- the good Kerry Kittles, not the one currently skipping games with an "injured" back even though the Clippers know that he's playing golf twice a week.

Paul Davis: I liked his effort during the tournament, but the UNC game proved that it would be a mistake for him to come out this summer -- unless he adds some more muscle, he's a poor man's Chris Mihm (and that's not a good thing).

Larry O'Bannon: This year's Chris Duhon -- one of those second rounders/undrafted free agents who ends up sticking with a team and playing minutes during the season. Mark my words.

-- Posted: April 5, 2005 at 2:15 p.m. EST

Some March Madness pseudo-ramblings ...

• I always thought a hockey game was the best possible HDTV experience, at least until I saw Gene Keady's hair on Saturday.

• Who was Roger Powell Sr.? Did he ever hang out with Mel Kiper Sr. and Roy Jones Sr.? And when Roger Powell is following up his own three-pointer with a dunk, isn't that the best possible indication that it's probably not your night?

(That should be an event on NBA All-Star Weekend: Follow up your own three-pointer and try to dunk it. It would be fun to see Chris Andersen try this 117 times before passing out from exhaustion.)



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