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Page 2 – (Registration) Which is better for your city's long-term prosperity: reliable mass-transit, or Landon? Closer than you think. (Terry S., Louisville, KY) – After eating Corey Feldman, Corey Haim refers to "License to Drive" as "timeless." Yeah, and I write for ESPN. (Christopher B.) – I'm still getting around to actually watching "The Warriors," but this video game intro has me sufficiently stoked anyways. – This got me thinking: what nationality ripping off "24" would be the most surreal/hilarious? I'd go with something Scandinavian, maybe a Swedish version with Dolph Lundgren as the Jack character. (Jon H.; note -- this has immediate sound) – So where does Lifetime go from here? Is there anything left for them to overdramatize? They've basically resorted to, "Justin, you're only sixteen and looking at pictures of naked girls. You're thinking about S-E-X! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!!??"

Hubie Brown has cemented himself as my second-favorite NBA color analyst of all-time, right behind Chuck Daly. I don't care if he sports a Julius Caesar haircut, and I don't care if he inexplicably changes up his tenses every 30 seconds. (Don't we all?) Look past these minor details and you have a man with arguably more basketball knowledge than anyone else on the planet.

I have a feeling I might be in the minority when it comes to praising Hubie, but I can't remember the last time I watched a sporting event and nodded along with the announcer (except for maybe Johnny Miller, on NBC's golf coverage, who can also be rather polarizing) more than I do with Hubie. Whether it's predicting a substitution before it happens, recognizing great help-side D, explaining which mismatch is about to be exploited or pointing out a patient decision on a fast break, he's almost always right and seems to be a step ahead of everyone else. I'm really enjoying the Hubie Brown Experience and wanted to throw some love his way.

As for last night's game, here's my quick onslaught of thoughts:

– He's still the best, but Duncan needs to drop the "little kid getting sent to the principal's office" look during high-stress moments. Not very superstar-like.

– I would like to retract my comments about Rip Hamilton's being the Pistons' MVP. Chauncey Billups, I hope you can forgive me.

– The five-minute-or-so span of back and forth between Billups and Robert Horry left me completely satisfied with the Finals. Anything great from here on out is just icing.

– Big Shot Bob elevated himself from clutch player to religious icon last night. And no, there is no such thing as his receiving too much praise for that performance. I'm still speechless.

– I can't imagine many things more frustrating than being guarded by Bruce Bowen. Right now, he's completely in the head of Hamilton (who became the anti-Chauncey down the stretch).

– Give Tony Parker credit for taking nearly a half-dozen shots to the face last night, and not backing down from one. Did you see the slow-motion replay of that last shot when Parker bodied up Hamilton and wouldn't give an inch? That photo should be on the cover of France's travel brochure as a response to all the "France promptly surrenders" jokes.


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