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Page 2 (Matt L., North Attleboro, MA) – Randy Moss + Snoop Dogg + Competitive Fishing + Charity = Apocalypse. – Shawn Bradley retires; athletic swingmen everywhere wipe a collective tear. (Paul O.) – Todd Jones goes to great lengths to rationalize cheating on the mound, but the undisputed highlight is this final pearl of wisdom: "If you get caught, don't overreact. Have a good time with it until you get caught ... kind of like life, huh?" If I were Mrs. Jones, that line would not sit well with me. – See, a lot of people think last night's game came down to player matchups, coaching, referees, blind luck, etc., but the truth is that it all comes back to prayer. Just like a lot of people think The Big Guy is concerned with spiritual growth, eternal consequences, and the fate of humanity, when in reality he's just a stone-cold baller. (Bob B.) – With the wrongful death suit against the city of Los Angeles underway (, here's an interesting story about Suge Knight's possible involvement in Biggie's death. One of the few things that I'm absolutely certain of in life is that there is no one I would want to meet in a dark alley less than Suge Knight. I have a theory about Charles Oakley that would make it close, but putting that aside, it's definitely Suge.

Does it get any better than "over-the-top workout guy?" You know this guy. He grunts on every rep like he's lifting a house, avoids sleeves as if they were The Plague, studies himself in the mirror every 2.3 seconds, and generally carries on as if he's auditioning for American Gladiators. This guy is terrifically entertaining.

Anyways, I'm at the gym yesterday easing into the seventh or eighth (I lose track) restart of Operation: Get Back in Shape, when suddenly I hear, "Push! Push! DRIVE! DRIVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!" It was so loud that I half-expected to find myself in one of those movie scenes where the camera starts zooming out to show you just how far the sound carried. I turned around preparing to see two giants training for the Olympics, but instead see a dopey-looking guy doing decline press and a crazed "over-the-top workout guy" spotting him. The best part was, immediately after the final rep, superhuman spotter rushes over to the water fountain and dramatically splashes water all over his face, as if he had just finished a grueling set. I was in awe.

On a related note, here's a phrase you will never read on this page again – check out Oprah today ( (Kensey L., Chicago) – I have it on good authority that this is what was said:

Gary: "Hey Derek."
Derek: "Hey Sheff."
Gary: "Huh, this is weird." – A who's who of NBA stars will be on hand for the inaugural LeBron Bikeathon this Saturday. I'm expecting nothing short of a no-holds-barred reenactment of "Rad." – As Kate M. of Charleston, MA pointed out, "How many guys are going to be comfortable ordering up a 9" Big Papi?" You can't see it, but right now I'm pounding my head in frustration over the joke I know I can't use.


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