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Page 2 -- McDonald's is pursuing an aggressive urban street wear update to its employee uniforms. I suggest that they throw a random twist into the uniforms though, just to keep everyone honest. For instance, have this elaborately hip uniform designed by P. Diddy or Russell Simmons, but then throw in mandatory Stockton short-shorts. I'd eat three Big Mac's a day, just for the laughs. -- Well-deserved article on why it's good to be Dwyane Wade. Includes a surreal account of Pat Riley telling Wade to "keep it real." (Mike D. from Shelton, CT) -- "Roadhouse": The Play. This is rather old news (and was actually linked to by the first intern), but something like this deserves a second release, if only for those that missed it the first time around. Everything on this site is spectacular, from the ridiculous front page picture to the randomly dispersed movie quotes, but I'm partial to the interview with director Timothy Haskell. If you check out the reviews and scroll to the bottom, you'll find the interview, highlighted by Haskell's description of how the original plan was to do a campy stage version of "Young Guns II." That's right, straight to the sequel. I'm dead serious when I say that this guy "gets it." -- At this point, I don't even see the need for a lead-in. It should just be something like: Tom Cruise. The View. Photoblogging. Enjoy. (and while we're riding this out, let's throw in one more -- (RJ -- both links) -- Deion Sanders is adopting prep star running back Noel Devine, who has one of the sickest highlight reels I've ever seen ( On one hand, I admire Prime Time for stepping in and becoming a father-figure. But on the other hand, I'm concerned that he's going to turn this phenom into a religious wacko far too early. There's an order to these things: first you achieve remarkable athletic/musical/acting success, then you indulge in your riches and live a life of decadence, then you get bored with it and desperately look for a way to justify your deity-like status, and finally you become a narcissistic religious wacko who has daily conversations with God. I worry that accelerating the process is like crossing the streams in "Ghostbusters" -- extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

And finally ... (Brad from Hermosa Beach, CA) -- Yes, it actually happened and has been memorialized for eternity.

People are idiots; they see religious figures in pieces of toast (see eBay), question the existence of dinosaurs (see Carl Everett), and declare war on psychiatry (you know who). But for all their raving lunacy, each of these nut-jobs is saner than me.

Why? Because I moronically tried to run a 10K race yesterday on absolutely no preparation after being enraged by a friend's casual taunting. The conversation went something like this:

"Friend": "Kevin, I've got an extra number for the Peachtree [Road Race]. You're running."

Me: "Three days from now? I can't remember the last time I went running. Now leave me alone; I'm busy watching full seasons of television shows on DVD."


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