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Page 2 (Bob S.) -- Tyra Banks has a doctor feel her up on television to prove her breasts are real. He fled the scene when a pants-less Chris Webber walked out and declared, "Fair's fair." (Thomas W. in Aurora, IL) -- Check out the cast for the upcoming movie "The L.A. Riot Spectacular" (which is link-worthy alone for the bizarre premise). I'm just gonna put it out there -- Jonathan Lipnicki and Ron Jeremy are the new "Tango & Cash." - Look at the fifth item down -- bar-hopping in Boston with Cliff Clavin. If I won this, I would steadfastly refuse to acknowledge him as John Ratzenberger. I'd repeatedly ask how the postal route is treating him; joke about his crazy mother; slap him on the back as I pull the Chris Farley, "Remember that time you ... " routine; and laughingly dismiss everything he says as a rambling lie. This would be important to me. -- Everything you ever wanted to know about the Ultimate Warrior. Surprisingly, it turns out that tying bicycle streamers around your arms while in the ring translates to being a raving lunatic outside of it. Go figure. (Mike in Durham, NC) -- A short video which I've entitled: The Classiest Man in America.

Although something told me that the Hassle the Hoff link from yesterday was too good to be true, I was blinded by greed. Kind of like "Boiler Room," except substitute a rapping Knight Rider for a fraudulent brokerage firm. Actually, it's nothing like "Boiler Room" at all. Point is -- the story was a complete hoax. My bad. (Stephen S.) -- New Haven, CT. 4:30. Keynote address by one Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque Wamutombo. Be there. (Jason J.) -- Finally, the perfect use for old, worthless baseball cards. My personal favorite is Steve Swisher (last card) -- "After this picture was taken, Steve Swisher made love to the Topps camera woman." Honorable mention goes to John Henry Johnson and Glenn Wilson. -- An impromptu dance-off leads to a fifty-person rumble. The lesson -- never show up to a dance contest without a razor blade. -- Braves' rookies reenact that "To Wong Foo" movie (I refuse to type out the full title) while at the airport, although the caption says they were just being hazed. Agree to disagree. (Josh in Dallas) -- In an offshoot of the brilliant Vin Diesel site, I give you "The Random Chuck Norris Fact Generator." For example: "Chuck Norris once talked in his sleep. The words he said were recorded in a classified government document and sent straight to the president. The No Child Left Behind Act stems from this document." (Ted F.) -- I bet that right now you're thinking, "If Ian Ziering designed an envelope, what would it look like?" Well, ponder no more. And now I shall cause all the female readers to begin violently twitching (

TUESDAY (Owen R.) -- Bio of American Gladiator "Nitro." I picked this one for the great Q&A near the bottom, but if you click on "home," you can look up every gladiator in existence. I feel sorry for those of you that didn't get to grow up watching the most ridiculously awesome show in television history. Imagine yourself as an 8 year-old taught that "cool" means having a fluffed mullet, tight spandex, and a giant sphere to roll around in.


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