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Page 2 (Mitch W.) -- An action-packed link: Scientology aggressively recruits Kate Moss, Jennifer Love Hewitt sees dead people, and Laura Flynn Boyle gets VIP treatment at the DMV (which is infuriating -- I see no real difference between cutting in line at the DMV and tax evasion.) -- Fraggle Rock: The Movie. Before judging me for linking to this, you have to understand the nostalgia factor. If you were a toddler in the mid-80's, Fraggle Rock was at one point the center of your universe. If you say otherwise, you're either (a) lying, (b) grew up without a television, or (c) a weirdo. -- Airline is honoring David Ortiz with a "Big Papi" plane, promising the best half-flight of your life. -- Dale Sveum is being considered for the Pirates' managerial spot (more importantly, I think this set the record for Most Consecutive Emails I Received Regarding a Link). Reminds me of the "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine keeps promoting an awful employee (army fatigues guy) rather than awkwardly fire him, ultimately leading to the rest of the employees angrily quitting. In other words, next season might have to be played with scab third-base coaches. -- "At the time of his death, Costas had a Sporting News in his left hand, David Halberstam's Summer of '49 in his right hand and the scorecard from Game 7 of the 1964 World Series at his feet. Just hours earlier, Costas had watched Cardinals manager Tony La Russa execute a double switch against the Reds and reportedly called several friends to describe it." Just one passage from a really funny Norman Chad article joking about the San Diego Padres playoff run leading to the untimely death of baseball purist Bob Costas (who, for the record, I enjoy immensely). -- Possible TiVo restriction could threaten our viewing habits. Fat, unshaven men everywhere seen angrily challenging God.

THURSDAY (Bob S.) -- Tyra Banks has a doctor feel her up on television to prove her breasts are real. He fled the scene when a pants-less Chris Webber walked out and declared, "Fair's fair." (Thomas W. in Aurora, IL) -- Check out the cast for the upcoming movie "The L.A. Riot Spectacular" (which is link-worthy alone for the bizarre premise). I'm just gonna put it out there -- Jonathan Lipnicki and Ron Jeremy are the new "Tango & Cash." - Look at the fifth item down -- bar-hopping in Boston with Cliff Clavin. If I won this, I would steadfastly refuse to acknowledge him as John Ratzenberger. I'd repeatedly ask how the postal route is treating him; joke about his crazy mother; slap him on the back as I pull the Chris Farley, "Remember that time you ... " routine; and laughingly dismiss everything he says as a rambling lie. This would be important to me. -- Everything you ever wanted to know about the Ultimate Warrior. Surprisingly, it turns out that tying bicycle streamers around your arms while in the ring translates to being a raving lunatic outside of it. Go figure.


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