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Sorry about the Roy Firestone tease yesterday (we shut the site down). Actually, I'm not sorry at all. I'm swelling with pride. I do, however, suggest checking it out once it's up and running again. It's unbelievable. (Carl T. in Raleigh, NC) -- Edited transcript from a very strange Q&A with N.C. State head football coach Chuck Amato. He comes off like a nonsensical philosopher repeating himself more than Jimmy Two Times. He also assures us that he's "the man." (Matt G.) -- Not sure if Ditka's new mascot is the epitome of blue-collar or one of the Village People. -- Judd Apatow, writer/director of "The 40 Year Old Virgin," briefly discusses his new film (Will Ferrell as a NASCAR driver) before going into an unbelievably cool Stones story. -- Speaking of the Stones, a Mick Jagger look-alike recently got VIP treatment at a gullible New York nightspot. And now I will give my Rod Stewart story:

During a college Spring Break in the Bahamas, I wound up at a random beach party thrown by some neighboring hotel. At this party was a man who looked very similar to Rod Stewart. He had dark sunglasses on and was barricaded by a group of handlers, but rumor had it that it was Rod, freshly arrived via his private yacht. Next thing I know, "Rod" is on stage judging a wholesome, competitive contest for young women. I decided the man was a complete fraud. But later in the night, my friend starts excitedly telling us that he just peed next to "Rod" in the bathroom and successfully tested him with obscure questions about "The Faces." To this day, he swears that it was the real Rod Stewart. I'm convinced he had a drunken "Billy Madison and the Penguin" moment. (Tim W. in Iowa City) -- Finally, video of Chad Johnson's Riverdance. I stand 100% behind my previous statement regarding this.

It's official -- 14 straight. In celebration, here's a little something I like to call "The Truth" ( -- Imagine what a recruiting visit from Suge Knight would be like. It starts off like "Training Day," with Suge having you meet him at a diner before insisting that you pay the bill, and ends with you dangling by your legs over a balcony until you sign a letter of intent. On a related note, there's only one coach out there who's still harder than Suge ( (Bomani J.) -- Joe Jackson's Hip Hop Boot Camp. For a man with an image that's "questionable" at best, couldn't they have found a better picture? (Adam De C.) -- I don't know which is stranger: my attraction to a woman dressed up as Ronald McDonald or the quote at the end of the article. -- In Pennsylvania high schools, boys are apparently allowed to openly participate on girls' teams. This has the capability of creating the greatest sports villain the world has ever known. Clubber Lang, Andy Kauffman, and "crazy Rick Fox on the Lakers" all rolled into one would still have nothing on the kid rounding second with his softball bat held high in the air, excitedly celebrating his fourth homerun of the afternoon.


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