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I don't know what the record was for Most E-Mails Sent in Regarding the Same Link, but it got obliterated yesterday. So for the four of you that didn't write in about the Larry Bird inspired sentencing, check out this winner -- ( -- New show "Pro's vs. Joe's" pits former athletic greats against everyday fans. At least with "American Gladiators," you could laugh at the sight of gigantic random dudes prancing around in spandex and blonde mullets. But there's nothing funny about seeing a slowed-down Bo, Jerry, or 'Nique. Nothing funny at all. -- Dennis Rodman is back ... in Tijuana. There's also a bunch of random sightings in here, including a Donald Williams one just a few paragraphs in (which got me way more excited than it should have). (Akiva F.) -- Heath Shuler is not messing around with this Congress bid. Let's hope he proves to be a better savior on the political front than he was for the Redksins. -- The Rockets may have Yao and McGrady, but they also have these two guys. I call it a wash.

I know ... the last couple days have been weak. I"ll be back with a vengeance on Monday.

THURSDAY (Greg in St. Louis) -- For his latest trick, David Copperfield plans to impregnate a woman on stage without actually touching her. What's he going to do? Show a blue dot to the audience? Feel her stomach and tell us to take his word on it? This has got to be the single dumbest idea in magical history. -- Former porn star and flame of Charlie Sheen sells the pearl necklace he once gave her. Let it be known that no man has ever shown more restraint than I am right now. -- Lamond Murray reflects on his time as a Toronto Raptor, all but burns down the Air Canada Center on his way out. -- R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" series simply won't die. And why should it? All he has to do is wake up one morning, describe what he ate for breakfast, randomly fire off a gunshot at the ceiling, and call it a day. That's Episode 31 right there.

For the record, my list of greatest 90's sitcoms yesterday EXCLUDED animated shows. The sitcom link set that out in the ground rules. So for those of you that wrote in to tell me that we can no longer be make-believe friends, I will now accept your make-believe apologies. (Manuel G.) -- Here's a fake Neil Patrick Harris blog, attributed to his character from "How I Met Your Mother," where he notes "Twenty-Four Ways in Which Women Are Like Fish." This is the sound of me holding up my hands and retreating to a safe distance. (Ken R.) -- Would you hire this man? -- I'm genuinely going to miss the Vlade Divac Era. He looked like a cross between Jean Reno ("The Professional") and Yakov Smirnoff; watching him plead with refs was endlessly entertaining; he took "craftiness" to unimagined levels; I still laugh at him demonstrating dance moves to Kings cheerleaders in that excellent commercial; and he always struck me as someone who would be great in a crisis. Plus, I can't think of many things more frightening than getting stuck guarding a shirtless Vlade in a pickup game. I respect that.


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