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Strange scene at last night's Hawks game. During halftime warm ups, some guy and his kid make their way courtside to get Stephen Jackson's attention. Jackson comes over excitedly, embraces the two, and spends a minute or so catching up, all the while affectionately rubbing the kid's head. He seemed almost grandfatherly.

When that was over, Jackson turned around and hugged a security guard. Then he hugged a team employee. I want to say he hugged the ball boy. Basically, while the rest of the Pacers were warming up, Jackson was busy giving free hugs to any and everyone. Yet all I could think was, "This is the dude with the checkered past who flew into the stands swinging haymakers like a crazed lunatic? He's like a 6-foot-8 Care Bear."

So based solely on those two or three minutes, I'm guessing Jackson is normally a friendly enough guy, only he's also the type where all bets are off if the wrong button gets pressed. Clearly he's got a level most of us don't have.

Oh, and Jermaine O'Neal has bird legs. (Micah H. in Atlanta; SOUND) -- Three words: Brokeback Top Gun. (Andrew K. in Berwyn, IL; SOUND) -- Hilarious footage of a crying wrestling fan. Fifty bucks says that the notebook on his knee is filled with magical drawings of his favorite wrestlers. -- Sitcom based on Paul Shirley's blog has been green-lighted for production. I hope he recognizes his duty to pull a Kramer on whichever actor plays him. "Now in the bedroom ... I prefer the bottom. You know, let them do all the work." (Paul G.; SOUND) -- No matter how many times I watch this, I keep expecting Joey Porter to close by screaming, "We will protect this house!" Then again, "They shot me in Denver!" is tough to beat. -- Lengthy interview with "24" writer/producer Michael Loceff. Turns out the show was originally pitched as a goofy sitcom, only Jim Belushi wanted too much money. Or I'm lying.

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