And so on. At least you know where you stand with Lawrence Frank -- he just sits there with that terrified look on his face, like he just saw the Lynndie England porn tape. But have you seen a single coach in Round 2 that made you think, "Wow, that guy knows what the hell he's doing"? I mean, besides Ron Jeremy with the Heat?

Some other possible questions to bat back and forth:

  • Is Phil Jackson the most overrated coach of all time or the most underrated coach of all time? It's either one or the other, right? I'd love to delve into this.

    Anthony Peeler
    "Anthony, next time get KG a little more square in the a jaw."

  • Where does Anthony Peeler's elbow to KG's mug rank among the Memorable Moments of Violence in NBA Playoff History? I think I watched it about 430 times. It wasn't quite as fun as McHale's clothesline of Rambis, but still ... poor KG. I don't buy the whole "I can't retaliate" crap -- wouldn't you rather be suspended for Game 7 than have Anthony Peeler pull a William Ligue Jr. on you on national TV? Some MVP.

  • Why are European players so soft? Shouldn't this be like a 5-hour "Outside the Lines" show?

  • Why doesn't anyone kill the Spurs for screwing up a beautiful cap situation this summer? They could have ended up with anyone and settled for Mercer and Turkoglu, plus they helped the Kings get Miller. And did they keep the receipt on Rasho?

  • Duncan or KG?

  • Why haven't the Knicks retired Bernard's number yet?

  • Does Steve Kerr have a chance to be the best hoops analyst of all time?

  • Would you rather have Wade or Carmelo for the next 15 years?

  • Is Kobe's supernatural focus on these "Fly to Colorado, make an appearance at the rape trial, fly back to LA, drop 42 on the Spurs in a must-win" a little creepy or is it just me?

  • And most importantly, where did you stand on the "Sopranos" last night? Please don't give me the whole "it helped us understand Tony's psyche" crap. I'm tired of Tony's psyche. Especially when he's taking away PT from Christopher, Tony B and Vito the Gay Yankee Fan. I'm not killing them for trying something different -- it's just that there were three episodes left and they wasted one by going Sundance Festival on us. Besides, has there ever been an extended dream sequence that totally worked? It's the TV equivalent of deciding not to guard the inbounds pass.

    I'll discuss as many of these as you want. Just remember, I'm cranky in the mornings.

    -- Simmons

    WILEY: 11 a.m. ET

    Yo Simba,

    Actually, we can dream sequence this blog. See how it works for us.

    OK, to start with, I've got just two things to say -- Jessica Alba and YEEEE-HA!

    Don't know who I was channeling there, but it definitely wasn't my boy Dogman, who lurks beneath the surface here. When I told him when we were going to throw down on the NBA in a Page 2 Weblog with Bill Simmons the Boston Sports Guy Himself, and I would call this activity "Simblogging," he started acting Peelerish.

    I will keep him restrained, but like the demon Pazuzu -- it wants no straps.

    This latest "Sopranos" episode, the Somebody's Got A Crush On Annette Bening And Frankly I Don't Blame Them episode, didn't bother me as much as the the one directed by Mike Figgis, the one before that. That one confused me much worse than the Dream Sequence/Annette episode did. I dozed off during the opening of Tony's Dream Weekend so I didn't see who wrote or directed it -- the writers on this show are abnormally good, they're like NBA players, sometimes they don't care about the Bow-Ups, Najera Plays and Mahorning their way into your psyche . They just want to slam it for the highlight reel.


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