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Josh Childress and Matt Haryasz
AP Photo
Are you really surprised that Stanford choked again in the Tourney?

What the heck were you thinking when Kentucky, Mississippi State, Gonzaga and Stanford failed to survive the first weekend?

A. "At least I nailed the Marquette and Oklahoma picks in my NIT pool."

B. "Dang it, I knew I should have taken Rick Neuheisel's advice on the Phoenix bracket."

C. "At least I won't be nervous next year about not reporting my winnings to the IRS."

D. "Kentucky is out already? What is Mark Burnett thinking? Now people are never going to watch the rest of the series."

E. "This is ridiculous. Who wants to see Wake Forest and Alabama play for the title? What college basketball really needs is a bowl system."

F. "And people laughed at me for picking Xavier and Nevada. Now maybe they'll listen to me about the CIA stealing my plan for kitty-litter-powered renewable energy."