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What the heck were the owners of Mickey Mantle's restaurant in Manhattan thinking when they temporarily re-named the eatery "Ted Williams' Restaurant" to attract Red Sox fans to watch the World Series there?

Mickey Mantle restaurant
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A. "We had to do something to drum up interest after the Red Sox cleaned us out of Jack Daniels."

B. "When we were named 'Mickey Mantle's', people always assumed we were just a bar, not a restaurant."

C. "This isn't as bad as when we re-named it 'Strom Thurmond's Barbecue' during the Republican National Convention."

D. "Along the same lines, we've also renamed our New York Strip Steak. It's now simply called 'Beer'."

E. "We were really just trying to get Billy Crystal to quit coming in."

F. "Basic marketing principles say that you don't want your name associated with a losing organization like the Yankees."