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What the heck was Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards thinking when he agreed to play the role of the Johnny Depp character's father in the sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

Keith Richards
Mr. Richards stunt double and wardrobe provided by Madame Tussaud's.

A. "They said they'd pay me extra, since they won't need any special effects or makeup for my pirate skeleton scenes."

B. "I've been in rock and roll for 50 years. It's entirely possible I am his father, if you know what I mean."

C. "With acting serious-like, you see, there has to be a (coughs) you see, take a (slurred) try like Mick and Ronnie were back of the (coughs and/or laughs?) what the (unintelligible) pirate thing, Disney or whatever, if you see what I mean, then, right?"

D. "For a chance to be on camera with Keira Knightley, I'd play Depp's mother!"

E. "Fust o' awl, Ah'd lie t' thaynk th' acad'my ... "

F. "Sweet. This calls for an entire handle of Jim Beam."