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What the heck was Rockies' pitcher Denny Neagle thinking when the team terminated his five-year, $51 million contract (which has one year left to run) after he was ticketed for soliciting a woman for oral sex in Denver? (Because of injuries, Neagle hasn't pitched since July 2003.)

Denny Neagle
"That radio station in Texas gave one of those cars to Clemens!"

A. "I guess I should've gone with Plan B and just made that sex tape with Paris Hilton."

B. "My career is really at an all-time low. Now I won't even be able to get an interview with Notre Dame."

C. "Oh, good. I can use the extra time off to finish reading Bill Clinton's autobiography."

D. "Apparently, what happens in Denver, doesn't stay in Denver."

E. "You know, I don't need those millions to be happy. All I need is an occasional 40 bucks."

F. "Dang, if I'd just signed with the Mets, I might've gotten a freebie from Anna Benson."