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Championship Sunday had everything we wanted. Potential dynasties vs. teams of destiny. A three-time bridesmaid vs. Vick-be-quick.

So with all of that on our plates, there had to be plenty of things on everyone's mind, win or lose, right?

We're glad you asked. It's time to ask the question we all were pondering as we reached for our 397th nacho -- What the heck were they thinking?

With your help, we can get it all covered -- from Freddie's hair to Cowher's calls. So now that we've mentioned it . . . Hey, Freddie -- What were you thinking?

What the heck was Freddie Mitchell thinking sporting a mohawk and cornrows for Sunday's NFC championship game?

Freddie Mitchell
With the wind chill factor Freddie's hair is actually six inches higher.

A. I told you I was the People's Champ. I just didn't mention I took the title from Prince Naseem.

B. The bad news is I hear the FCC is threatening to make me run all my routes in the Super Bowl on a five-second delay.

C. I don't get it. The guys from Queer Eye told me this was all the rage in the Village.

D. I wanted to go all cornrows, but David Akers took the last of the braids ... again.

E. Terrell needed somewhere to hide his Sharpie and pom-poms, and the NFL is getting pretty good at checking our normal hiding spots.

F. Forget being the People's Champ; now I just want to experience some of that N'awlins nightlife! What? It's where?