The Page 2 staff looks back at 2008, Twitter-style   

Updated: December 31, 2008, 12:24 PM ET

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We're on the verge of entering 2009, and one of our New Year's resolutions here at Page 2 is to get a little fresher, a little hipper.

Ever heard of Twitter? For those of you who don't know what it is, here's a primer. For those of you who do, several members of the Page 2 staff have chimed in with "tweets" summarizing the sports year of 2008.

The deal is, each submission has to be 140 characters or less. Check these out -- then vote for your favorite. And happy New Year!

Hella medals. Rocco's Rally. Eli's the Mann. Phinally Phils. (PP.KG.RayRay.) MMA on CBS but Kimbo Sliced in secs, UFC+PPV=$$$. Annika OUT!
-- Mary Buckheit

What are U doing? I'm watching hilites from '08 -- Lezak and Tyree are coming up -- but I'll watch anything, even Game 5 rain delay, to keep mind off Seattle :(
-- Jim Caple

G-Men! 19-0. Sorry Calipari. Truth + KG = chip. Redeem(ed) Team. Phelps x 8. Bye Brady. Hello (again) Brett. Rays 1st, Yanks 3rd! Philly parade.
-- Kieran Darcy

Bet no1 haz trdmrk on 18n1!…I swim, lyk, fastr wen hat not sydwayz!…U wnt Gslngr?…Y U luv my slopE 2s?…NO! Jus ruind my bst swpants!
-- DJ Gallo

O.J. Millen. Zeke. Pacman. Rajah. Favre. Chinese Democracy. Punch line dust in wind. You're my boy, Plax!
-- Patrick Hruby

New math: Heilman + Schoeneweis + Feliciano + Ayala + Sanchez + Rincon + Smith = collapse X2. Shea goodnight, Gracie.
-- Paul Lukas

NYG KG T.O. OT Final 4 BCS BS ND BSX2 24 MVP Old 8 Gold(en) Boy Manny being Pacq Pacman Favre pac'd man 2 NY(Y) Roger 0 cred Fed v. Rafa @ W Lidge 48 Ws L Brady L Tiger Losing Isiah.
-- Scoop Jackson

Third ear. Tyree's helmet. Canseco BBQ. Jayhawks!? The Kid. The Octopi. Ubuntu. Hochuli. Phillies rain reign. JJ X 3. Longhorns. Sooners. Plax's thigh.
-- Thomas Neumann

McNamee. L.S.U. 18-1*. Kansas crowned. Favre quits. Broken hoof. Wings skate. Tiger limps. Hamilton's HRs. Chinese passports. Phelps gold. Lightning Bolt. Cool Hamels. QB Cassel. Glock shot. BCS mess.
-- Kurt Snibbe


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