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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Updated: April 23, 9:44 AM ET
10 Burning Questions: Dennis Rodman

Page 3 staff

Rod the Bod, Rodzilla, The Worm, and plain old Weird. He goes by several different names, but now we might have to add "Mole" to Dennis Rodman's list of monikers.

Aside from random news reports of police raids on his home, the former NBA rebounding champ is back on our radar thanks to Reality TV. Rodman, along with seven other faded and forgotten celebrities (Rudy Huxtable, we thought you were above this!) is competing on ABC's "Celebrity Mole."

Rodman is also making a comeback on the courts -- with the American Basketball Association's Long Beach Jam -- not the NBA, not yet, he says.

Page 3 turned up the Worm for our 10 Burning Questions, and he wasn't at all shy.

1. Skinny dipping was one of the first things that went down on "Celebrity Mole". What ever happened to your plan to leave the basketball court naked?

Rodman: I didn't expect my career to be like the way it ended, with Dallas. I expected that I would know when I was actually leaving the court and leaving the game and so I could just plan it--- just rip it off and stroll off.

So it's still in the plan?

Oh hell yeah

2. I know you can't really talk too much about "Celebrity Mole"'s outcome, but maybe you can give us a hint about the mole-- is it Rudy Huxtable?

I can say this-- it was one of two species, it was male or female.

Wow, you're giving us a lot.

3. You made a comeback with the ABA's Long Beach Jam, what did you do to get in shape?

I think I'm in pretty good shape right now. I've been trying to stretch my legs where I can actually run down the court and take the full abuse that I'll need to play and jump, but I'm in pretty good shape. I worry about my mental. It's wonderful to go out there and pretty much jump, jump, jump.

4. You still follow the game, the NBA. Do you have any teams that you root for?

I have my opinion about what's really going on in the NBA. All of sudden you turn yourself from being a player to an advisor to a coach... you start turning your attitude a different direction when you're not playing. After you retire from basketball, you don't like to even watch it anymore, but I do catch myself looking back and saying, "You know I gotta get back into the game to finish my career right." And I'm pretty much trying to do that right now.

5. Would you ever consider coaching if the offer was made?

Oh yeah, I would coach women's basketball.

Women's basketball?

Yeah. Just to see what's really going on with the girls. You look at the women's league today and, man, some of them are like the guys. I mean, not the look wise, but the physical and strength. I bet my sister back in the day could really--

Test some of these guys?

I won't be surprised if one of these days one of these girls crossover.

And start playing some of the guys?

Seriously, yeah.

6. Looking at the NBA today, there are tattoos all over the place. The tattoos are getting out of control--

Oh, out of control, yes.

Do you think some of these guys are trying to bite your styles a little bit?

You could say that. I mean, the things I did back in '93 kinda catapulted all of this. I mean once I became a Chicago Bull, everything went crazy, not just with basketball, but in music and other walks of life. I mean, everyone started to do what Dennis Rodman did-- the hair color, the tattoos, the wedding dress, the [flamboyance]. Back in the day people told me to stop doing tattoos and I was rebellious and said, "To hell with all of it because that's my independence coming out."

7. You mentioned that you see some of you in Ben Wallace as far as your playing styles. Is there anyone else in the League who you see some of yourself?

No. There's really no flair in the game. You got Michael Jordan who was totally, like, did everything with flair. I don't see that anyone out there like out there. It's very easy to go out there and dunk and just look at the crowd, but if you add just a little bit of body language and let the people know that you're really enjoying yourself.

8. So after the TV bit in "Celebrity Mole", are you doing anything else in TV or films or are you just concentrating on the ABA?

I'm just focusing on the ABA right now, just trying to get back into the league. I've been really laying low, trying to, but every time you look around I'm in the newspaper doing this or "Dennis was in jail or he was doing this or something wrong." So I'm trying to focus on this for the time being until the day I get back in the NBA then you gonna hear a lot about me. (laughs)

9. Well, I'm glad you brought up jail. It 's been reported that the Newport beach police have been to your home over 70 times. I mean, Dennis, do you know these guys by first name now?

Well, once you live in a small community like Newport Beach-- one of the richest communities in the country-- the guys are just locals. You see guys off-duty drinking beers, you can go talk to them, but once they put that suit on, they're totally different guys, you know. They're like, "Come on, Dennis, you gotta go." I mean, the guys are friends but once they put that suit on, you gotta go. Probably about 80, 90 times, they've been to my house.

[Awkward silence here as I wait for Rodman to offer a real explanation as to why these friends/police would come to his house 80 or 90 times. Nothing comes, so we move on.]

10 Let's talk about the names you've had: The Worm, does that still apply now? What about Rod the Bod or Rodzilla? Is there something new for the ABA?

Well, I've always had Rod the Bod when I was wrestling with Hulk Hogan and everybody. Rodzilla, Worm all of those were from different times.

So now what's the name, is it just Dennis Rodman?

Pretty much just Dennis Rodman right now. Once I get back in the league we'll see what develops.