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Monday, August 2, 2004
Updated: August 5, 4:48 PM ET
At-bat songs: Montreal Expos

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If the music guys play at-bat music and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?

It's one of life's unsolvable riddles, just like the Expos themselves. But with the way Montreal's been playing lately, maybe the joke is on the rest of the National League. And maybe one player's song selection, "In the Shadows," says it all.

Player Song Artist
OF Brad Wilkerson "Splurgin'" Nelly
In a game last season, Brad was peeved after his at-bat music was played at an inaudible level. He responded by throwing baseballs at the deejay booth when he returned to the field for the top half of the next inning.
2B Jose Vidro "Pa los que sufren" Banda Gorda
3B Tony Batista "Stand Up" Ludacris
OF Juan Rivera "Pass that Dutch" Missy Elliott
1B Nick Johnson "In the Shadows" The Rasmus
OF Terrmel Sledge "Party at Damascus" Wyclef Jean
C Brian Schneider "Headstrong" Trapt
2B Jamey Carroll "Black Betty" Ram Jam
P Sun-Woo Kim An assortment of unlabeled Korean songs