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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Updated: August 25, 8:56 AM ET
The Perceptionists: 'The Razor'

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The Perceptionists -- Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Fakts One -- plan to release "The Razor" on a mix-tape later this week. Check out the lyrics:

Mr. Lif, Akrobatik
Mr. Lif and Akrobatik.
Ain't nobody seein' the Pats, and that's that! (repeat twice)
You getting' sliced with a razor sharp welcome mat!

Verse One
Now, you can try to get fly, but we got Ty
Law and Poole, fool, welcome to the new school
Legendary question everybody wanna know
How to stop Belichick's flow
Weiss is nice, Crenell is hell, Pioli ain't phony
Go and check the depth chart, Homey
Resources cease losses, welcome to the Razor, kid
Step into the fortress, our game plan's flawless!

We stand strong to the finish like Willie McGinest
With the goal line stand to make your ego diminish
How embarrassin' -- your helmet's knocked off by Rodney Harrison
New England Patriots -- no other squad is in comparison!
All New England fans, from Worcester to Winooski
Throw up your hands for an ice cold Bruschi
Your team is getting' hyped, and they just wanna rumble on
But, much to your dismay, is the score on the Jumbotron
Zero -- ask Wannstedt and Parcells
We're sendin' weak O lines back to the barbells
And bench press -- 'cause none of y'all is comp, son
We're runnin' right past y'all like Bethel Johnson

Ask Ricky Williams how hits go down here
Oops! Look at the ground, he's bound to be found there
Oh, poor Peyton, so frustratin'
Throw another pick and get a standing ovation
Thank you! We'll be taking that one to the bank, too
Kick the extra point? No, let's prove a point -- and two!
Conversion, with precision of a surgeon
You're losin' -- Pats bone-crunch, we're bruisin'

Patriot missiles are launched from 12 to 80
In other words, a touchdown to Brown from Brady
And all you Raiders fans who thought the "Tuck Rule" was shady
Two rings in three years, Duke -- we're no fluke!

Chorus x2
Ain't nobody seein' the Pats, and that's that! (repeat twice)
You getting' sliced with a razor sharp welcome mat!

Worthy of the jersey.
Verse Two
Yo, it's Akrobatik takin' over after the half
And I'm worthy of the jersey, you can ask Bob Kraft
Perceptionists will bring the game back to the glory days
Double tight with mics, like Graham and Fauria
A Cinderella story made into a dynasty
Control the line of scrimmage without the foul image
Never goin' for the individual schemes
So, at the big game you know we comin' out as a team!

Mike Vrabel got sacks and scored in the Super Bowl
Two exciting wins -- much thanks to Ricky Proehl
Vinatieri buries the field goal
Y'all are cryin', tryin to get past our lineman
Light and Ashworth laugh last and laugh first
Wanna run, son? Nah, Lif -- let's pass first!
Givens and Branch -- it's a touchdown avalanche!
Oh, you were gonna win? You never really had a chance!

The backfield's chillin, now we got Corey Dillon
Plus a powerful front line that's ready and willin'
Jacksonville in Florida's awaitin' our arrival
At Super Bowl XXXIX to defend the title!

If the Patriots are down, they're never out, you understand?
They can't lose -- not with Mr. Lif in the stands
"Do It as a Team" is the slogan, Lombardis we're holdin'
'Nuff respect to Steve Grogan!

Ain't nobody seein' the Pats, and that's that! (repeat twice)
You getting' sliced with a razor sharp welcome mat!

Fakts One scratches -- "Watchin' the Patriots win the Super Bowl"