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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Updated: October 15, 12:24 PM ET
Too sexy for their shirts? Never!

By Laura Dave
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Before his bordering-on-disastrous pitching in Game 1 of the ALCS, Curt Schilling announced: "I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up."

Mmmkay ... even if he had succeeded, fans' fashion choices in both New York and Boston are making quite the bold statement, too, and without anyone saying a word.

Yankee fan
These days, fans wear their allegiance from head to toe.
But whose get-ups are harnessing the best team spirit? The Red Sox or the Yankees? You tell us ...

The Tell-All Ts
Arguably the No. 1 T-shirt frenzy sweeping the 2004 playoffs comes down to three words: Who's Your Daddy?

And while we don't doubt that Pedro Martinez rues the day he told the world just who his daddy was, the loyal Red Sox Nation is bouncing back with a shirt asking a question of their own: Who's Your Manny?

One fan explained, "I think the premise of the shirt is to show the Yankee fans how dumb their new slogan really is."

Also coming out of the Boston camp this year is the T-shirt comparing Johnny Damon to Jesus by stating in big letters WWJD: What Would Johnny Damon Do?

"In the Fenway bleachers, you can see all of Damon's deciples," says lifetime Sox fan Brian Berg. "They are wearing their WWJD shirts, and long hair wigs and beards. Damon does look like Jesus a little. The angels had angels in the outfield. But we have Jesus in the center."

Black-Tie Fan Fashion
For those in the market for some higher-end fanatic fashion, designer Linda Bekye has created the type of Yankee attire that can be worn for nights on the town. Choices include a $360 slinky, Yankee clubbing outfit and a Yankee fur jacket for $285.

Last winter, Bekye designed a Yankee ball-gown, wedding dress with the hefty price of $1800. "There are so many amazing Yankee fans," says Bekye. "I had over thirty serious offers coming in for the dress."

And in more recent bizarre bridal news, Sox Fan Melissa Kelleter-Stamos said "I do" on Sunday in a Red Sox-themed wedding event. Though she didn't sport a full-length Sox gown, according to The Boston Herald, she did wear a Red Sox garter.

The guy with no RBIs in the ALCS.
And she's not the only one: Ebay has several Sox garters currently on sale. "It's par for the course for Sox lovers to express their interest even outside the stadium," explains NY-based PR exec, Carrie Grandits, who finds herself divided between her Yankee roots and her close ties to several Red Sox fans. "I've been to Yankee stadium with my Red Sox friends who dress up in full Red Sox attire -- I'm talking head to toe -- and the Red Sox aren't even playing!"

The Accessories
And, finally, no sports fan outfit is complete without appropriate accessories -- and lots of them: caps, cowboy hats, earrings, belts. One of the popular items showing up this playoff season is the "Derek Jeter Swings Both Ways" pin.

"I wouldn't wear that pin myself," says Sox fan, David McDonough, "but mostly because that is reserved for elderly men. I do resonate with the pin's sentiments."

Another popular Boston accessory is the Yankee Hater Hat, which was showcased on several heads at NYC's Sox friendly bar, Riviera Café. "For me, it's as much about hating the Yankees as loving the Sox," explains one Yankee Hater hat wearer. "I want the good guys to win."

As for Yankee fans, the accessories seem to be staying on the simpler side: traditional hats, charm pendants, and Yankee visors. "When you're rooting for the winning team, there isn't a reason to get fancy," says loyal Yankees fan, Nancy Ingersoll. "The Yankees have the winning mentality. We just need to stand behind them."

Laura Dave writes for "The Jump" at ESPN the Magazine, Self Magazine, and Glamour Magazine. She can be reached at