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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Finch makes a fashionable pitch

By Nigel Goodman
Special to Page 3

NEW YORK -- All eyes are on Jennie Finch. That's nothing new -- she's beautiful. But softball's most familiar face hasn't pitched a strike all night and she's out of uniform.

Instead, she's hitting it off with everyone in the room while mingling amongst the crowd in a gorgeously flowing dress as she promotes her newest pitch -- The Sak.

Jennie Finch
Jennie Finch is bringing her heat to the world of handbags.
The Sak is the colorful hand bag that her hotness will be pitching cross country and is bound to be hanging over shoulders from the mall to the gym to the club.

"There's a great variety," says Finch. "There are big bags, small bags, night-out-on-the-town bags and an everyday purse. They're fun bags and fun colors. The Sak has plenty of colors to match every shoe that you could possibly have."

All that a girl could ask for.

Team USA's leading lady will be featured with the colorful accessories in some sexy ads that will soon appear between the covers of Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, InStyle (and probably a few high school lockers). And with an array of hues to mix and match for every purse, it's no wonder the photo shoot took 12 hours.

"My goodness it was long," she says. "But it was fun doing the photoshoot. What girl doesn't like getting her make-up and hair done and getting to pose with great purses?"

Finch is endorsing three lines of The Sak handbag: "Mia," "Belinda," and "Pixie." Call them her favorite girls with each having a slightly different attitude. "Mia" and "Belinda" are vivid and sporty, while "Pixie" is a bit more laid back for those casual occasions. And just how important is it to have these different personalities over your shoulder?

"I think you build your outfit around your handbag," says Finch. "I would say the handbag is more important than the shoes, because that's what you notice first and then you look down to see if it all blends in. So it's neat to have some great purses to build my attire around."

Now that's stylish advice.

But what about the guys, you know the man-purse posse?

"I don't know, I'm not a big fan," Finch says. "But then you think, 'How do they get around?,' because you can't just carry a wallet. So, I guess there's an excuse to wear one. But if you're gonna wear one, make it a fashionable one and keep it somewhat small but not too small -- a medium size."

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