By Miki Turner
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CULVER CITY-- If Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) had his stuff together, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), would be his main squeeze. But because the full-time nerd and part-time super hero is so conflicted about who or what he wants to be, M.J. has no choice but to move on in "Spider-Man 2" (opening this Wednesday).

Blondes, you know, really do want to have some fun.

Kirsten Dunst
The upside down lip-lock that started it all.
It's been two years since Spidey/Peter and M.J. had their infamous upside down lip lock. Peter has pretty much given up web life and M.J. has found her passion in the theater and in a hunky rich dude who has asked her to marry him.

While playing "the girl" in a pair of "Spider-Man" movies is probably not the role of a lifetime for Dunst -- whose role in "Bring it On" really put her on the starlet map -- it certainly doesn't hurt to be in one, and possibly two of the highest-grossing films of all-time.

Dunst talked with Page 3 about being a part of the "Spider-Man" franchise, playing a tennis star in her next film, her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, and the ups and downs of being a hot, young actress in Hollywood.

1. You've said previously that they should just kill Mary Jane off in a future Spidey film ...

Kirsten Dunst: "I don't think they should kill Mary Jane off. That would be typical if they killed the girl at the end. I think they should kill Spider-Man at the end of the third film. It would be a surprise -- a superhero defeated.

2. Do you want to do the next 10 Spidey sequels?

How much can you squeeze out? The first one was great, the second movie is great and we can make a great third movie. Sam Raimi (the director) would have a heart attack if he had to do one more and I wouldn't want to make the movie without Sam. The only way I'd do a fourth one is if Sam were doing it and Tobey were doing it. And if there was an awesome script then I would, but not if those elements weren't there.

3. How did you feel about the fact that Sam Raimi almost cast your boyfriend Jake in this movie when he thought Tobey's bad back would prevent him from being in "Spider-Man 2"?

Oh, God, why do we have to go to these places! Of course he's my boyfriend and it was complicated. But Tobey is "Spider-Man" and it wouldn't have been good without him. Thank God everything worked out and that's all there is to say about it. If someone is in a relationship with someone, it's weird and awkward and it's a complicated thing.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst
Dunst was thaaaat close to working with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.
4. What about that rather revealing dress you wear in "Spider-Man 2"?

I have to do a little bit of that. I have to make the 14-year-old boys happy. Whatever sells tickets, guys.

5. You play a tennis star in you next film, "Wimbledon." How did you prepare for that?

We went to Wimbledon. I would hang out with Venus and Serena Williams a little bit. I actually didn't play that much tennis, but my character is very aggressive and young in the way that she hasn't got it down yet. But she's very aggressive and she puts all her energy into it. She doesn't have the elegance yet ... she's got this fiery tennis player in her.

6. Did you talk tennis with the Williams sisters?

We didn't talk about tennis. They're just really cool girls and I really liked hanging out with them.

Did they give you any tips?

Serena would just laugh at me and I just watched them play and, of course, I don't have their bodies. I'm not as strong or powerful but it's really about having this circular kind of motion -- like you're going to turn in a circle when you hit. They gave me things to put in my head while I'm playing.

7. Did you ever take any tennis lessons as a kid?

I did. When I was younger, I had tennis lessons.

8. You're in a high-profile relationship. Do you get really hounded when you're out in public? Are there any scandalous photos of the two of you circulating?

It's basically us getting coffee, playing with our dog. There's nothing really interesting or scandalous. They don't have anything they can get me on. The most exciting things are me walking down the street or eating.

9. What is the best and worst thing about being a young actress?

Kirsten Dunst
Dunst fans won't mind her tennis skills as long as there are shots of her in a tennis skirt.
(The best) is discovering (things) about yourself. Constantly, I'm figuring things out by myself ... whether it complicates relationships or helps them. It's amazing that I have the ability to be in movies that affect people because they affect me, and that's a huge responsibility. I love the fact I can tell stories and because I attach myself to them, they get told. I like being a part of that.

I think a lot of young actors, they get success but maybe they didn't work long for it. There are people that baby you and it's so easy to buy the good press. I'm constantly critical of myself. I know that I have so much to learn about acting. People just get caught up in how they look all the time, and how they eat. It's really ridiculous, but that's how the business is set up. It depends if you fall into the trap.

10. What was it like to be held by the villainous Doc Ock's (Alfred Molina) tentacles in the movie?

God, that's a naughty question. I actually was never really in them. I got grabbed by one once but the harnesses were really on me, not the tentacles. I just don't know the experience. I guess they made me scream a lot (laughs).

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