By Shane Igoe
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Long after "building" Yankee Stadium, Babe Ruth laid down to rest in Hawthorne, N.Y., at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery, where the bodies of James Cagney, Sal Mineo, Conde Nast, Mayor Jimmy Walker, mobster Dutch Schultz and Billy Martin also reside.

Babe Ruth's grave site
Veterans Stadium
"After a busy ALCS week where we had a lot more Yankees fans visiting, starting (Thursday) morning as early as 7 a.m. (the day after the Red Sox clinched), we had a few carloads of Boston fans." -- Bill Lane, Assisstant Cemetery Superintendent

George Herman Ruth (1895-1948)
Veterans Stadium
Babe's Plot #: 1115, section 25, in the center of graves 3 and 4

Grave Inscription: "May the Divine Spirit that animated Babe Ruth to win the crucial game of life inspire the Youth of America."

Items: Hats, helmets, gloves, balls, framed pictures, pennants, drawings, balloons, tissue box, flowers, letters, lucky pennies, pumpkins, and a "Baby Ruth" bar

Veterans Stadium
"As along as people remember it is holy ground and leave appropriate items ... I think it gives people hope." -- Father Joe Blenkle, priest with local Vahalla parish