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After searching for simple true or false answers to some simple questions, Page 3 asked the same major leaguers to fill in the blanks and help solve some of life's little mysteries.

The funniest guy on the team is _______:

Miguel Tejada
Miguel Tejada is no joke when it comes to hitting home runs.
Miguel Tejada. Things he does and he's always hyper and he makes me laugh. -- Orioles RHP Sidney Ponson

Me. My humor is a little bit subtle, a little sarcastic, with some B.S. involved.-- Tigers 1B/DH Dmitri Young

Josh Paul. He just keeps everybody loose. He has funny sayings and he's pretty smart. And you know, he has some pretty witty things to say at certain times. -- Angels SS David Eckstein

[Robert] Fick. He has a pretty dry sense of humor. Just a real laid-back sense of humor, just kind of funny. -- Devil Rays 3B Aubrey Huff

Tom Goodwin. He's just a comic. Everything he says his funny, and just the way he goes about his business. -- Cubs 2B Todd Walker

The cheapest guy on the team is _______:

Ohhhh, I don't want to say that. -- Sidney Ponson

Carlos Pena likes to economize. -- Dmitri Young

Paul Bako doesn't like to spend money. He won't get involved in fantasy football leagues. And we took a trip to Vegas earlier this year, but he wouldn't get on the plane with us. -- Todd Walker

I love my _______ the most.

Car, I have a Mercedes C55. -- Sidney Ponson

Kids -- Dmitri Young

TV -- David Eckstein

Family -- Aubrey Huff

Family -- Todd Walker

The last time I bought a woman flowers was _______:

My mom on Mother's Day. -- Sidney Ponson

My wife for her birthday. -- Dmitri Young

In June or July. My girlfriend is actually an actress and she just got done filming her TV show. Her series got done and I sent her flowers on the last day. Her name is Ashley Drane and she is just getting going. She's on Blue Collar TV right now, but she also does "That's So Raven" on the Disney Channel -- David Eckstein

My girlfriend on Valentine's Day -- Aubrey Huff

Kirk Ferentz
Gatorade tastes best when mixed with a big victory.
Gatorade tastes best when mixed with _______:

Water. -- Sidney Ponson

A freezer for about fifteen minutes, so it gets that nice frosty cold, especially when you've been running and stuff, it just refreshes the body. -- Dmitri Young

I never really mixed Gatorade. I like it the way it is. -- David Eckstein

By itself! -- Aubrey Huff

I've never mixed it with anything. -- Todd Walker

The single most important position in sports is _______:

Catcher. He needs to worry about people on first. He needs to worry about what he's going to put down. He needs to be squatting for a long time back there. I think that's the most important position in all of sports. -- Sidney Ponson

Individual or team sport? Because I can't go with a team sport because if one's missing then you don't have it. So I'd have to go with tennis. -- Dmitri Young

Probably quarterback because everyone relies on him. Out of everything in every sports, if you don't have a good one, you're not going to succeed, whereas in other sports you could. -- David Eckstein

NFL quarterback. -- Aubrey Huff

The most impressive record in sports is _______:

Not to be broken -- Barry Bonds' home run record. Slash second would be a tie with Pete Rose's hits and Cal Ripken's streak. -- Dmitri Young

Just on an every day basis, Cal Ripken's record is pretty amazing. -- David Eckstein

Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak -- Aubrey Huff

Best uniforms in all of sports is _______:

Giants. I like the cream home uniform. It's something odd and different from everybody else and I like that. -- Sidney Ponson

Derek Jeter
Championship rings are the perfect accessory for pinstripes.
Cincinnati Reds roads. I got to wear them in '99 when they switched over to sleeveless. They're gray, with the black, with the red. Very flashy. -- Dmitri Young

With tradition, you have to go with the Yankees. -- David Eckstein

Yankees, their pinstripes I like the best. -- Aubrey Huff

I went to LSU, so I like the purple and gold LSU uniforms. I'd like to keep those colors but take the Cincinnati Bengals' helmets since we're Tigers and that would fit well. -- Todd Walker

The movie I can watch over and over is _______:

"Tombstone." I love that movie. I've watched it like 150 times already. I have no problem watching it one more time. -- Sidney Ponson

Dave Chappelle's movie "Half Baked" or any of the Friday trilogy. I like their humor. -- Dmitri Young

"Shawshank Redemption." I like the way [Tim Robbins' character] is very quiet and goes about his business, but in the end, he takes it all. -- David Eckstein

I have a lot of them, but it would be "Major League." It was one of the first funny baseball movies. -- Aubrey Huff

There's a few of those, but "Top Gun" and "Major League" are my top two. -- Todd Walker

Favorite song to belt out loud is _______:

"Enter Sandman" by Metallica. It gets me pumped up. -- Sidney Ponson

I don't have one. I like R&B, hip hop, and rap, but I like to listen to music, not sing it. -- Dmitri Young

I can sing almost every song, so it doesn't really matter. -- David Eckstein

"Amarillo by Morning" by George Strait. -- Aubrey Huff

There's a group called Submerged and the lead singer is a friend of mine, so I'll sing any of those songs. Hoobastank's "The Reason" is pretty good too. I'm not much of a singer though. -- Todd Walker

I'm rushing the pitchers mound when _______:

Another one of my teammates goes out there. -- Dmitri Young

Never. There is no circumstance in which I'd rush the mound -- David Eckstein

Someone throws at my head. -- Aubrey Huff