By Louise K. Cornetta
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The Fab Five from Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" flew down to spring training to make over five fabulously un-chic Boston Red Sox players: Kevin Millar, Jason Varitek, Johnny Damon, Tim Wakefield, and Doug Mirabelli.

Kevin Millar
'Queer Eye's' Carson Kressley assesses the magnitude of the job ahead.
So, how did the world champs feel about removing the mud from under their fingernails? Page 3 gathered with the newly groomed dirt dogs to get the skinny on their day of manicures, pedicures and back waxing.

OK, what was your motivation to do this?
Millar: For the Little League kids in Port Charlotte, Fla., who lost their field to the hurricanes last year -- that caught my eye. You go along with the other stuff to have fun with it. But this was 100 percent for the kids.

Damon: I really didn't, but they kept begging.

Mirabelli: It's for the kids. That was the main reason why we started doing it.

So, what happened on the day of your makeover?
Millar: They [The 'Queer Eye' crew] made over the press box, so we did our makeovers up there: we got our hands and feet done and facials and back waxing. Then we got fitted for clothes. It was a long day actually, about eight hours of filming.

Mirabelli: Having No. 1-5 over there [refering to Millar who wears No. 15], we just kind of fed off each other and had fun with it. We showed them what we do for a living, and they showed us what they do for a living. All, of course, to benefit the kids.

Varitek: Well, the helicopter was fun [Varitek flew to the field via helicopter to make the shoot], but that wasn't premeditated. And it was fun interacting and playing with the Little Leaguers. And ... the best part of the makeover experience was ... playing with the Little Leaguers [laughs]!

Damon: It was all right, but TV makes for long days -- you can't get in and get out. We all actually dressed down at the end there because we all do dress pretty well on road, they just don't get to see it because in spring training, we're just like, "Whatever!"

Johnny Damon
Even when he's feeling under the weather, Johnny Damon puts on a star performance.
What was your favorite experience?
Wakefield: The spa treatment. They did a really good job turning the press box into a spa. I've never been pampered like that before, so that was fun. My favorite was the pedicure. I never had one before.

Millar: The facial. I've never had a facial. They did some kind of treatment, where they sandblasted it or something like that.

Varitek: The pedicure. I'd never had one before.

Mirabelli: My pedicure. Never had one before. They massaged my feet and shined them. The foot massage is always good.

Damon: I was sick during the whole time, so I was just miserable.

What was your worst experience?
Millar: Don't EVER get your back waxed! That's my advice to men. That was painful. Varitek got his done right before me, and he took it like a man. I'm a wuss. That thing hurt.

Mirabelli: Probably having to see Millar get his back waxed. I almost threw up a couple of times. I mean, look at him now, if you see him from the side ... Phew!

Wakefield: Waxing the back of my neck. Painful ...very painful. I know, women go through waxing, I know.

Varitek: But there is a difference between people from Beaumont, Texas, [Millar is from there] and people not from Beaumont. The waxing wasn't my favorite part, but it wasn't bad.

Damon: Being sick.

Were you happy with the look they gave you? Who came out the best?
Varitek: It was ... all right. I was in black, almost like parachute pant thingies. The blue and white striped ones they had on me first definitely weren't me!

Millar: No. They put me in white pants and a blue shirt, stuff that I'd never wear in my life. I don't have that kind of look. Mirabelli has that kind of look. I'm more of a Harley Davidson kind of guy in jeans and a T-shirt.

Wakefield and Mirabelli
The only time Sox fans want to see Tim Wakefield and Doug Mirabelli in pinstripes.
Wakefield:I didn't mind it. I had white pants and fitted, blue button down shirt, it wasn't bad. I don't know if I'd ever wear it outside of doing the show, but it was all right and my wife liked it. As for who looked the best? I don't know. It's hard to dress up a bunch of guys who are straight forward like that!

Mirabelli: I'm the leading vote-getter, right? Normally, yes, I expect that. But I don't think any of us liked what we wore, to be honest with you. They gave me a navy, striped suit with a pinstriped shirt underneath, it was a lot of stripes for me. I have stuff in my closet that I would have preferred wearing. I think everyone would agree. But it wasn't about that, it was more about rolling with the punches and having fun with it, and ultimately, I helping the kids in Port Charlotte.

Damon: I looked pretty gay, as in, what gay guys would wear. I was in striped white pants and a striped purple shirt. Nothing I would pick if I saw it! But it looked all right. I'm one of the few who could probably get by wearing it.

Your wives were involved with the shoot, who enjoyed this more, you or them?
Varitek: Probably my wife -- the experience of doing a TV show that she likes.

Wakefield: Probably my wife, but I had a good time, too.

Damon: She did definitely. I was sick, so she had a big part in it. She did some interviews, which took up a lot of her time.

Mirabelli: She had a good time, but with all the guys, we had fun and a pretty good time, so probably me.

Millar: My wife is pregnant with twins due in April, so she was bummed out. Unfortunately, she couldn't be here, so I had more fun.

No. 1 fashion tip learned?
Millar: Well, the "Queer Eye" guys got an eye for the straight guys, I guess. I didn't learn much.

Varitek: I didn't really learn anything. The other guys were more involved than I was!

Wakefield: They didn't give us a lot of fashion tips. They just gave us clothes to try on and said, "Oh that looks good." They didn't tell us brown shoes, brown belt or black shirt, black socks or anything like that.

Damon: Nothing. I thought I had a pretty keen sense of fashion anyway.

Mirabelli: I learned how to push my cuticles back. As far as fashion goes, we all didn't care much about our get up. I mean, all these guys we have on this team, they have OK style. So it wasn't your normal makeover, where you had to make over guys who had never put on a suit before. We kind of have to dress up like that already. It was fun.

To see for yourself, watch the season premiere of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Bravo on June 7.