Page 3 staff

OK, now that you've voted for hottest actress, here are the 12 nominees for Page 3's Hottest Actor:

Brad PittHugh Jackman
Brad Pitt
Hugh Jackman
Don't worry, there's justice in this world. Brad and Jen will probably have some really ugly kids.
Only Wolverine can make the Flock of Seagulls hair look cool.

Orlando BloomGeorge Clooney
Orlando Bloom
George Clooney
Sure, everyone will eventually forget you played an elf with pointy ears. That stuff doesn't stick with you forever, right Mr. Spock?
What's worse? Having a secret sex tape found or the public knowing you were on "The Facts of Life" for a few years? No doubt George would trade places with Paris Hilton.

Ashton KutcherDenzel Washington
Ashton Kutcher
Denzel Washington
Dude, this whole famous thing? You've been Punk'd. Seriously, it was all a joke. It's over.
Staring contest with Denzel ... go! OK. OK. Stop crying.

Johnny DeppTaye Diggs
Johnny Depp
Taye Diggs
Where exactly do you put "People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive" on a resumé?
Odds are Taye could help most women get their groove back.

Paul WalkerRodrigo Santoro
Paul Walker
Rodrigo Santoro
Hey, if times get tough, there's always "Once, Twice, Three Times as Fast & Furious."
"Hey, remember that movie I was in? Really? Me neither."

Tom CruiseColin Farrell
Tom Cruise
Colin Farrell
If Tom taugh us anything, he taught us this: never leave your wingman.
Smokes too much. Drinks too much. Swears too much. Countless one-night stands with A-list actresses and singers. We know. We're jealous, too.