Page 3 staff

Who says there are a few more weeks of winter? Not us.

We continue to thaw out with our Hot Lists. Today we move on to the stars of the stage and screen.

Oh, we almost forgot ... Things are heating up on Page 2, as reigning Hot List champion Jennie Finch is getting quite a challenge as she attempts to defend her crown as the Hottest Female Athlete.

Meanwhile, back at Page 3, it's ladies before gentlemen, so we start our search for the Hottest Actress. So be a good participant and exercise your right to vote! Hey, it's good practice for November.

Charlize TheronHalle Berry
Charlize Theron
Halle Berry
Do you really want to live in a country that rewards hot chicks that intentionally make themselves ugly?
Halle was recently hospitalized for running into a piece of equipment on the set of "Catwoman." We wish we had been that piece of equipment.

Kate BosworthAngelina Jolie
Kate Bosworth
Angelina Jolie
Her friends call her "Kate," but you go ahead and just keep calling her the "hot chick from 'Blue Crush.'"
Somewhere right now, Angelina's brother is trying to vote for her thousands of times.

Keira KnightleyUma Thurman
Keira Knightley
Uma Thurman
If you asked Keira what she did in her spare time, we're guessing sit-ups would be on the list.
Do you think Ethan Hawke would have still cheated on Uma if he had seen "Kill Bill" first?

Ashley JuddMischa Barton
Ashley Judd
Mischa Barton
Quick! Name the last good movie she was in ... that's what we thought.
See kids, this is what happens when actresses use Calista Flockhart as a role model.

Jennifer AnistonCameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston
Cameron Diaz
With "Friends" wrapping up, Jen can concentrate on really meaningful projects like "Rock Star 2: Still Rockin.'"
Hmm ... you think Cameron has ever had a "costume malfunction" with boyfriend Justin Timberlake?

Gabrielle UnionCatherine Zeta-Jones
Gabrielle Union
Catherine Zeta-Jones
How can you take your acting career to the next level after making "Bring It On"?
Really, it's no big deal that when you're 40, your husband will only be ... you know what, let's move on.