By Shane Igoe
Special to Page 3

Timberlake-Woods. Sounds like a subdivision full of McMansions, but it's actually Justin Timberlake's latest collaboration. After his breakup with *NSYNC, his fling with Britney (two husbands ago) and his wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson, Justin has a new co-star -- Tiger Woods.

In the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 videogame, Timberlake appears as a scar-faced tough guy pimped out as "The Hustler" and as some guy just named "Justin" who dances when he gets a hole in one.

Besides the videogame, Tiger and Justin have more in common than you may think. Check out our scorecard.

Scorecard: Tiger vs. Timberlake
Real name:   Eldrick Woods   Justin Randall Timberlake
Nickname:   Known as "Tiger" on PGA Tour   Known as "The Hustler" in PGA Tour 2005
Birth:   December 30, 1975   January 31, 1981
Height and weight:   6-2, 185 lbs.   6-2, 165 lbs.
Mastermind:   Earl Woods -- Tiger's dad taught him the game as a toddler and gave him his nickname.   Lou Pearlman -- the man behind the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.
Early club sightings:   Appeared on the "Mike Douglas Show" at age 2, putting with Bob Hope.   Appeared on "Mickey Mouse Club" with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
Making the turn:   Turned pro a week after winning his third U.S. Amateur title in 1996.   Appeared on "Star Search," earning 3 1/2 stars (and losing) in 1992.
Gold standard:   Golden Bear's majors record (He'd love to knock Nicklaus' 18 out of the books)   Gold records and major deals (He's loving his deal with the Golden Arches)
Shark Tale:   Broke Greg "The Shark" Norman's record for consecutive weeks to be ranked No. 1   Has a song in the upcoming movie "Shark Tale"
Who they look to for No. 1:   VJ (Singh)   VeeJay (MTV variety)
Famous holes:   Carded his first ace at age 8.   At Super Bowl, tugged on Janet Jackson's wardrobe to reveal hole.
MJ compared to:   Michael Jordan   Michael Jackson
No longer in sync with:   Former coach Butch Harmon, who could help him get his swing back in sync.   *NSYNC -- he refuses to perform with former bandmates.
Rivals:   Frosty relationship with Phil Mickelson   Feuds with Usher
Playing through:   Elin Nordegren -- Tiger and Swedish girlfriend were rumored to be splitsville.   Britney Spears -- JT said "Bye, Bye Bye" to the singer.
Current girlfriend:   Then again, Tiger said the rumors were "100 percent false."   Cameron Diaz
Grand Slam:   Tiger pulls off legendary Tiger Slam by winning the U.S. Open, British Open, PGA, and Masters over the 2000-01 seasons.   Timberlake pulls off rare feat of dating Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, Janet Jacksonand Cameron Diaz in succession.
Le Tigre:   What he's called sometimes   Brand of shirts he wears
Favorite shirt color:   Red -- wears it on Sunday   Red
Signature move:   Arm-pumping after putt-sinking   Moonwalking while lip-syncing