By Shane Igoe
Special to Page 3

Jerome Vered, Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter
Fast thumbs are essential for the Jeopardy 'Ultimate Tournament' finalists.
Congratulations to the Page 3 readers who stumped "Jeopardy's" trivia heavyweight Ken Jennings.

One of Jenning's weakest "Jeopardy" categories was sports. Meanwhile, one of his strongest categories was movies. So, Page 3 put them together and put the former champ to the test.

•  Category: BYU/Utah Sports
Orem, Utah: Which journeyman NFL quarterback held the college all-time career passing yards record until he was recently surpassed by Hawaii's Chang?
Ken Jennings: Ty Detmer
Status: Correct

Portland, Maine: In what city did the Utah Jazz Team originate? Brett A.
Ken Jennings: New Orleans
Status: Correct

The OC, Calif.: Who was the 2nd overall pick by the 76ers in the 1993 draft?
Ken Jennings: Shawn Bradley
Status: Correct

•  Category: Role Players: Sports Movie Roles
Anonymous: In The Natural, what was the name of the legendary player who Roy Hobbs strikes out as a youngster?
Ken Jennings: Hmm... I am not sure... maybe The Whizzer?
Status: Incorrect. Correct answer: The Whammer

New York, N.Y.: In the movie Caddyshack, what is Bill Murray's character's name?
Ken Jennings: Webb? Shoot that was actually the name of the other guy.
Status: Incorrect. Correct answer: Carl Spackler

Delaware: What famous sports movie actor starred alongside the soccer star Pele in the movie "Victory"?
Ken Jennings: Aww... I've never seen that movie, maybe Robert DeNiro?
Status: Incorrect. Correct answer: Sylvester Stallone

•  Category: Streaks
Spokane, Wash: Within a few games, how many bowl games did Lavell Edwards take BYU to during his tenure?
Ken Jennings: 25
Status: Correct. Edwards took BYU to 22 bowl games between 1972 - 2000.

New York, N.Y.: What is the teacher/coach's name in Hoosiers who lead the small school on their improbable championship run?
Ken Jennings: I just got that on DVD but it is not out of the shrink wrap yet!
Status: Incorrect. Correct answer: Norman Dale

•  Category: I Need An Agent, Jerry Maguire
Aurora, Ill.: What is the nickname of the highly sought after QB in the movie Jerry Maguire?
Ken Jennings: Cush! Played by the guy from "Stand By Me."
Status: Correct

Chicago, Ill.: According to Ray (Jonathan Lipniki) how much does the human head weigh?
Ken Jennings: Oh no! [Laughing] 10 lbs. Maybe?
Status: Incorrect. Correct answer: 8 lbs.

•  Category: Game Show History & Alex Trebek
Charlotte, N.C.: What 1980's TV game show did Alex Trebek host involving pictograms?
Ken Jennings: Classic Concentration
Status: Correct

Ellicott City, Md.: Alex Trebek is also the host of the National Geography Bee... from what Canadian province does he hail?
Ken Jennings: Alex is form Sudbury, Ontario
Status: Correct

•  Final Jeopardy Category: Stringing together Shoeless Joe
Fort Collins, Colo.: Hello Ken. I was wondering if you can do a six degrees of separation between the two Shoeless Joes... Ray Liotta in "Field of Dreams" and John Cusack in "Eight Men Out"?
Ken Jennings: Well actually you might want to let Joe know that it was actually D.B. Sweeney who played Shoeless Joe in "Eight Men Out," John Cusack played Buck Weaver. Well let's see here... (off the top of his head Ken starts to figure out a connection in anyway but now involving D.B. Sweeney)
Status: "We didn't mean for it to be a trick question there ... nice call there Ken. We concede." CORRECT

Overall Results: Ken got 8 out of the 13 questions posed by Page 3 readers correct plus by quickly calling us out on that final jeopardy question Ken Jennings has once again demonstrated who's the ultimate champion.

Shane Igoe is a New York City writer who happened to blow his college team's 1995 Quiz Bowl hopes on the final question. He can be reached through his latest project : The Wade Blogs (