By David Levinson
Special to Page 3


Page 3 will examine the connection between sports and music all summer long.

  • At-bat songs for all 30 MLB teams
  • Disco Demolition Night in Chicago
  • Total Request Live at the ballpark
  • MLB oldsters at-bat songs
  • The intersection of sports & music
  • Peter Gammons' musical bend
  • Bands who are fans
  • 10 best/worst stadium songs
  • Jocks vs. rockers: Who's got it better?
  • Singing at Wrigley no stretch
  • Sports' greatest hits and misses
  • Athletes who'll make your ears bleed
  • 10 BQs with Lloyd Banks
  • Bon Jovi rocks a new arena

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  • The hip-hop and hoop connection
  • As with almost everything in life, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Same goes for selecting the right hockey arena music to get the crowd going.

    Page 3 turned to one of the best in the league, Vancouver Canucks DJ David Levinson, for the basic dos and don'ts to staying cool as ice on the wheels of steel ... or the CD player.

    1. Always have a "wave" song standing by. Some favourites are: "Catch a Wave" by Beach Boys and "Hawaii 5-O" by The Ventures

    2. Never rub it in if an opposing player takes a bad penalty, or scores on his own goal. You don't want to infuriate a goon on the other team.

    3. Never hit "play" on anything until you've checked that all faders are down. (I once interrupted the anthem singer with 45 seconds of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer." Didn't go over so well.)

    4. After playing a song from your playlist, delete the song off of the list so as not to risk playing the same song twice in one night.

    5. The refs really are good people. No, really! They are all husbands, brothers, sons, and cousins. Try to channel your hatred into something productive, like two hours of frantic cardio!

    7. If the P.A. announcer talks slowly -- fire him!

    8. Never bring a date up to sit beside you during a game. She'll think you're a psycho when you're contemplating jumping over the railing to inquire about a certain penalty call.

    9. Try to use a mobile computer at the games, along with a couple CD players. This will add to your options, giving you at least four different songs to choose from at any given time -- more than enough to cover any situation that may arise.

    10. Always have your important musical pieces backed up on the arena's computer (goal song, intro piece, etc.). You never know when that blue screen will hit, and chances are it will hit just before overtime in the playoffs.

    11. Have bladder control pills handy, and try not to drink an excess of coffee in the hours leading up to a game.

    12. Take everything personally. It's your fault if they lose, and it's because of your music when they win.