By Jason McIntyre
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Johnny Damon
Even when he's feeling under the weather, Johnny Damon puts on a star performance.
In Page 3's ongoing quest to bring you all that is relevant in the world of sports and celebrities, we present to you with yet another blog! While blogs are so very 2004, it's the only legitimate way for P3's Jason McIntyre to keep you up-to-date with the latest celebrity gossip.

Too Much Damon Information

What is it about Johnny Damon that keeps him in the news so much? One week he's getting made over by the Queer Eye guys, the next week his beard clippings are inexplicably destined for the Baseball Hall of the Fame.

His nasty divorce from his high-school sweetheart is now constant tabloid fodder. Seemingly on a daily basis, you can follow the grim accounts of this heated "he said, she said," with no end in sight.

The Red Sox outfielder denies accusations made by his ex-wife that his new bride, Michelle Mangan, was a "home-wrecker" and that steroid use ruined their marriage. The East Coast is just filled with nasty athlete divorces these days, no? First Michael Strahan of the New York Giants, and now the leadoff hitter of the World Series champion Red Sox.

How "hot" is Damon? The man nicknamed "Caveman" is holding nothing back in his new tell-all book.

Boston homers will wax poetic about how Damon personified the Red Sox "toughness" in their amazing run to the World Series title last year, and how he had a crucial hits at all the right junctures ... but what we really need to remember is that he has hit over .300 only three times in his career. Most importantly, shouldn't everyone lay off him since he's not involved with a celebrity?

That's our barometer, and why we love Derek Jeter so much.

Ashley Judd
If only there were more die-hard hoops fans like Ashley Judd.
Where is Ashley Judd?
Who won't be in St. Louis this weekend for the Final Four? Ashley Judd. And what won't you find here this week? Ashley Judd jokes.

We wouldn't want to poke fun at her and her beloved Kentucky Wildcats, and run the risk of getting a nasty e-mail from someone claiming to be her father.

As nice as Ashley looks waving pom-poms, who isn't geeked at the prospect of comedian Bill Murray -- not a graduate of Illinois, mind you -- showing up in another horrendously awful costume that would make Joan Rivers shriek with horror?

For trivia purposes, Murray attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill., and Regis College in Denver, Colo.

In a quick ode to Murray, we believe his five best movie performances, ever, are:

  1. "Kingpin": He is amazing as a cocky bowler.
  2. "Groundhog Day": This flick would have been No. 1, but far too many folks reference the movie far too frequently.
  3. "Ghostbusters": Dr. Peter Venkmen is the coolest character in the movie
  4. "Rushmore": Just rent this, will you?
  5. "Wild Things": As a shady lawyer, he's a riot.

Bill Murray
Judd and Lachey aren't the only ones attending the NCAA. Murray takes in the action between Illinois and Wisconsin-Milwaukee during the semifinals.
The New Rat Pack

You've heard of Hollywood's "new" Rat Pack -- Ben Stiller, Owen and Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell.

How about this Rat Pack from the sports world -- Ahmad Rashad, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley? Apparently, they've been hanging out together now that MJ and Oak (his former on-court "bodyguard") have fully embraced retirement.

Senator Brady?

Our guess was former New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn would be the next NFL player to transition from the gridiron into politics. He's got the pretty-boy looks, some would say the trophy wife (Angie Harmon), and he was trotted out at the Republican convention last summer as if he were a future senator.

But how does Sen. Tom Brady strike you? Word out of Las Vegas is that the two-time Super Bowl MVP isn't dismissing the rumors.

All we know is that Bridget Moynahan would make an awfully good first lady.

Bridget Moynahan
Bridget Moynahan , a First Lady candidate?
Madge, Oh, Madge!

From the sublime, to the utterly ridiculous: For a "dress-up" party, Madonna went as a nun.

Rebirths are hot in 2005 (Jennifer Lopez, Farrah Fawcett, Kirstie Alley, the list is endless), but this Madonna photo begs the question: Do you remember when she dated Dennis Rodman?

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