By Adam Proteau
Special to Page 3

St. Louis Blues captain Chris Pronger isn't just one of the NHL's more outspoken players -- he's also one of its most passionate. And since league owners won't allow him on the ice right now, he'll spend some of his free time like most of us do: watching TV.

Just as he doesn't think twice about punishing forwards who dare to enter his team's zone, Pronger was ready and willing to discuss his 10 favorite TV shows. In no particular order:

1. Any of the "CSI" shows
I find these very riveting; they're always coming up with something new to keep you interested.

2. Any of the "Law & Order" shows
I've liked legal shows for as long as I can remember. The original series is one of my all-time favorites.

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  • 3. "The Apprentice"
    I didn't watch the first season while it was on, but I got hooked after buying the DVD. I haven't seen much of the new season, but it looks like they're trying to reproduce Omarosa's craziness with a new bunch of crazy women.

    4. "Las Vegas"
    I used to go to Vegas quite a bit, and it's interesting to see all the behind-the-scenes aspects of the city.

    5. "Seinfeld" re-runs
    I never get sick of Seinfeld. Most people's favorite character is either George or Kramer, but I think I'm a Jerry guy. He's fantastic.

    6. "The Sopranos"
    This is probably my No. 1 show. I've seen every episode. It's too bad the actress who played Tony's mom passed away; it would have been fun to watch her piss her son off some more, especially because it doesn't take much to do it.

    7. "Sex And The City"
    I watch this in part to please my wife, and I don't think I'm the only guy out there to do so. But it's not as bad as some guys think.

    8. "Kudlow and Kramer"
    I get a good laugh out of watching these two guys rant about the business world.

    9. "Pardon The Interruption": The banter between Kornheiser and Wilbon is great, although I'd love to see them talk hockey more than they do.

    10. "The Wiggles"
    This is my son's favorite show - and the reason why I have a bunch of Wiggles crap lying around my house.

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