By Jon Warech
Special to Page 3

Top 10 Feuds:

1. Veronica v. Katie, "RR/RW Challenge: The Inferno": Tired of being hated on by her own Road Rules teammates, Katie starts screaming at a topless Veronica. This fight appeals to both men and women because, honestly, we just love to see two women brawling. Plus, in this scrap, every guy is praying that the towel Veronica is holding against her body falls down. You know it is going to be blurred out anyway, but you just don't care.

2. CT v. Paris local, "Real World: Paris": In a remembah me from kindah-gahden "Good Will Hunting" sort of way, a drunk CT kicks the snot out of some Paris locals. The timing could not have been better since, well, the French hate us. Who better to represent the United States than a tough guy from Bean Town? They can have their fries, toast and onion soup, we've got CT.

Veronica and Katie
Veronica and Katie's display of profanity, nudity and disunity is what reality TV is all about.
3. Omarosa v. Ereka, "The Apprentice": When evil Omarosa plays the race card on Ereka and even Oprah doesn't back her, you knew Omarosa was in trouble. Mostly a battle of words, this fight gets points for carrying over beyond the season finale.

4. Nicole Richie v. Arkansas, "The Simple Life": After months of milking cows, working in drive-thru windows and looking for fun in all the wrong places, Richie explodes at a local bar when she thinks her purse is stolen. She throws bleach on the pool tables and breaks everything in sight -- nothing a quick swipe of a credit card can't fix.

5. Stephen v. Irene, "Real World: Seattle": Otherwise known as the slap heard 'round the world, an enraged Stephen opens the car door to let Irene have it. She was leaving the show with a case of the crazies and, on her way out, questioned Stephen's sexual preference. He responds by chasing down the car she's leaving in and deals her a slap to face.

6. David v. Puck, "RR/RW: Battle of the Sexes": After being ousted from their respective Real Worlds, the two troublemakers are united on the reality show battle. On the first episode, a heated argument gets nasty when Puck spits in David's face. David cries to producers to kick Puck off the show, but everyone sides with the spitter. Puck's solution: Let David spit back at him in an eye for an eye punishment. Puck ends up moving in with the girls and David is off the show by episode two.

7. David v. Tami, "Real World: Los Angeles": Before Battle of the Sexes, David made a name for himself as a sex offender -- at least according to housemate Tami. It was all fun and games between the two, until David attempts to rip a blanket off Tami, who claims she is naked. She's really dressed but, still, Beth convinces her that the situation is similar to rape and David ultimately gets tossed from the show.

8. Donell v. Abram, "Road Rules 12": Abe gets picked on for being a "redneck" and eventually unleashes on Donell who is about 75 times his size. Add to that a few racial comments, and Abram is out the door. However, Abram returns for a number of Real World/Road Rules challenges and Donell disappears into reality show oblivion.

9. Rupert v. Johnny Fairplay, "Survivor: Pearl Island": In a show with more conspiracy theories than the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jon comes clean about stabbing Rupert in the back and voting against him. Rupert, a teen mentor by day, goes Three O'Clock High on Jon, ultimately changing his nickname to Johnny Rotten.

10. Ghandia v. Ted, "Survivor: Thailand": Ted, with his "deserted island" goggles on, gets a little too close for comfort with Ghandia, who not only rejects him but spreads the word on touchy-feely Ted. He pulls a move from the David Beckham handbook and claims he was asleep and mistook Ghandia for his wife. Even Posh Spice wouldn't buy that line.

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