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Most of the A's don't care what song plays as they approach the plate. Perhaps it's all part of Billy Beane's strategy: to acquire inexpensive players who have high on-base percentages and little interest in music.

So Oakland's music guys take over and try to score the game like a movie, playing music from "Gladiator" or "Pirates of the Carribean."

And then there's Barry Zito, who may be a little too into choosing his song.

Player Song Artist
2B Mark McLemore Nothing
OF Jermaine Dye "Game Over" Li'l Flip
OF Eric Byrnes "Disco Inferno" The Trammps
RHP Tim Hudson Red Hot Chili Peppers
LHP Mark Mulder A techno song (Game Ops guys don't know the name of it.)
LHP Barry Zito "Megalomaniac" Incubus
Zito called to complain that the A's were playing the wrong song for him. They were playing a rap song and he wanted Incubus Megalomaniac cued 37 seconds in.