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For the price of a game ticket, Atlanta Braves fans get to see the team that's won 12 straight division titles (and, yes, only one World Series) -- and they get a musical smorgasbord as well.

When Braves players come to bat or come out to pitch, the typical tastes are represented -- metal mash (Metallica, AC/DC, Ozzy), hard rock candy (Aerosmith, Trapt, Creed, Saliva), hip hop hpnotiq (Tupac, Nelly, OutKast) and country corn (Garth, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw). But Braves fans also get a slice of salsa, merengue and '80s funk.

Here's the full menu:

Player Song Artist
SS Rafael Furcal "Ta' Haciendo Frio" Pochy Familia Y Su Coco Band
2B Marcus Giles A mix of Nelly songs
OF J.D. Drew "Ain't Going Down" Garth Brooks
OF Chipper Jones "Crazy Train"
Ozzy Osbourne
Kid Rock
Probably the most recognizable song in the Majors, Chipper has come out to "Crazy Train" for several years now. However, that almost all came to an end. At the start of the 2002 season, Chipper decided he'd had enough of "Crazy Train." So, he told the music guys that he wanted to come out to Kid Rock's "Cowboy." The Braves fans were destroyed. They hated "Cowboy" and demanded the return of "Crazy Train." After months of fan mail over the change, he felt obligated to go back to the Ozzy hit. "Crazy Train" is still his song today. Every now and then he mixes in a Kid Rock song, but at least twice a game you'll hear "du-du. du-du. du-du. Eye, Eye, Eye ...," and you know that Chipper is coming up to bat.
OF Andruw Jones "Yeah!" Usher
C Johnny Estrada "Let's Groove" Earth, Wind, and Fire
1B Adam LaRoche "Boom" Saliva
2B Nick Green "Roses" OutKast
C Mark DeRosa "Higher" Creed
RHP Russ Ortiz "Headstrong" Trapt
LHP Mike Hampton "I Like It, I love it" Tim McGraw
RHP Paul Byrd "Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith
When Byrd made his comeback a few weeks back (the first time he'd pitched in a major league game since the 2002 season), he earned the win, pitching seven shutout innings. Paul requested that the music guys play "I Still Believe" by The Call when he took the mound at the start of the game. They also played it when he came up to bat.

Paul explained the selection, "I like the words when it talks about dealing with hardships. My wife, Kym, said it describes me."

But I still believe/I still believe/Through the pain/And the grief
Through the lives/Through the storms/Through the cries/And through the wars
Oh, I still believe

RHP John Thomson "How Do You Like Me Now" Toby Keith
LHP Horacio Ramirez "California Love" Tupac
RHP Kevin Gryboski "Stone Cold Crazy" Metallica
RHP Antonio Alfonseca Anything salsa or merengue
RHP John Smoltz "Thunderstruck" AC/DC