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Many in the Dodgers organization are still scratching their heads about the recent trades. But the music guys must be loving it, especially with the Florida imports.

Former Marlins Brad Penny and Hee Seop Choi take their music seriously. Penny is into anything old school and Choi digs Korean rap, meaning the playlist just got a whole lot more diverse. Here's a look:

Player Song Artist
SS Cesar Izturis "H To The Izzo" Jay-Z
Cezar loves the "Izzo" part.
OF Steve Finley "Sledgehammer" Peter Gabriel
Info from the Arizona Diamondbacks
OF Milton Bradley "The Last Meal" Snoop Dogg
"Who's got that gangsta s---" is the main lyric, so they are forced to avoid that part at all costs. He also has four other songs that he uses.
3B Adrian Beltre No music
Beltre never requested any music, so the music guys used to just play generic salsa music. But, Beltre insisted he wanted no music whatsoever, and comes up to silence.
OF Shawn Green "Song 2" Blur
2B Alex Cora "So Bouriqua" Unknown
A famous Puerto Rican tune, this is a shoutout to his heritage.
3B Robin Ventura Music Varies, but a lot of Jimi Hendrix
1B Hee Seop Choi Unknown Korean Rap Song
Info from the Florida Marlins: On opening day, Hee Seop showed up with a Korean rap song, and requested that it be played every time he went up to bat. The song has taken the Marlin fans by storm. The music guys have no clue who sings the song or what it says, but the crowd loves the tune ... and so does Hee Seop.
C Brent Mayne "Bring It On Home" Led Zeppelin
Info from the Arizona Diamondbacks
RHP Hideo Nomo "Just Push Play" Aerosmith
LHP Kazuhisa Ishii A variety of Rage Against the Machine
RHP Jeff Weaver Assortment of rock tunes
Used to come out to Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver." Weaver thought it was lame and requested that the music guys stop using the song.
RHP Brad Penny "Voodoo Child" Jimi Hendrix
Info from the Florida Marlins: A young pitcher, Brad claims he is "Old School." His musical selection symbolizes such a characterization.