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Here are a few secrets about the sounds of Safeco Field, straight from the Mariners music people:

  • When Alex Rodriguez played for the M's (1994-2000), he unintentionally started the "Who Let the Dogs Out" craze. The Mariners originally played the song for catcher Joe Oliver when he came to the plate. The music people played it randomly and almost jokingly because they thought it was a funny song. A-Rod heard it and called up to the booth a couple innings later and said "Joe doesn't like that song, but I do, play it for me. It has a kind of Miami feel to it. I like it."

    So, they did, and then it caught on, and the rest is history. So, if you hate that song, you can technically blame A-Rod for letting the dogs out.

  • Legend has it that Mariners manager Bob Melvin can beat anybody in baseball in rock 'n' roll music trivia. Melvin is a walking version of "Name That Tune." Sometimes, he plays it with the players during batting practice, and he has yet to ever lose. He can name any song in less than five notes.

  • Barry White introduced batters for three innings at Safeco back in 2000. White also did a "Top five baseball terms that sound sexy when Barry White says them." Both "fungo" and "A-Rod" were on the list.

    Player Song Artist
    OF Ichiro Suzuki "Yeah!"
    "In Da Club"
    50 Cent
    Xola Malik is a Seattle rap artist who wrote the song "Ichiro" in honor of the All-Star right fielder.
    OF Randy Winn "Gangsta Nation"
    "Tear It Up"
    "Shut Up" (instrumental)
    Westside Connection
    Yung Wun
    Trick Daddy
    2B Bret Boone "Here Comes the Boom"
    "Click Click Boom"
    Crazy Town
    OF Raul Ibanez "Werewolves in London"
    Warren Zevon
    Mos Def and Talib Kweli
    DH Edgar Martinez "Salome"
    "Mi Amor"
    Reel Big Fish
    Angie Martinez
    Edgar used to come out to the "Batman" theme. He kindly asked the Mariners to stop playing the song for him. He simply didn't like it and found it "corny."
    1B Scott Spiezio "Enter Sandman"
    "Even Flow"
    Pearl Jam
    UTIL Jolbert Cabrera "Where The Hood At"
    "Get Low"
    Lil John & the East Side Boyz
    OF Hiram Bocachica "Oh Yeah" Yello
    INF Willie Bloomquist "In Bloom"
    "Runnin' with the Devil"
    Van Halen
    C Dan Wilson "Apache"
    "Get Up"
    "What a Man"
    Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
    James Brown
    3B Dave Hansen "Misty Mountain Hop" Led Zeppelin