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The New York Mets lay claim to a couple of musical firsts ... we're just not sure why they want the credit for these bold "discoveries."

Like the Seattle Mariners, the Mets also claim they were the first team to regularly play "Who Let The Dogs Out" back in 2000. (To Page 3, this is a little like scientists fighting over who discovered a deadly virus.) There's no debating this fact: The Baha Men did get together before the 2000 playoffs and record "Who Let the Mets Out" as the postseason anthem for the Amazin's.

And you know that annoying techno song that Six Flags amusement park uses in its commercials? You know the one where the old guy dances around in front of the bus? Well, it's called "The Venga Bus Is Coming," and the Mets say they originally used it as the pump-up music during their rallies.

We aren't crazy about either song, but we're a big fan of Kaz Matsui's choice for his entrance music. Here's a look at the songs for '04 Mets:

Player Song Artist
SS Kaz Matsui "Bruce Lee Theme" Unknown
Kaz used it every year in Japan, and he's hoping to find some similar success with it in New York.
C Mike Piazza A rotation of classic rock and heavy metal classics
Piazza likes everything from Zeppelin to Van Halen to Black Sabbath to AC/DC. If he is slumping, he'll come up to the DJ booth and request something new.
OF Cliff Floyd A mix of popular rap songs
OF Mike Cameron "New York City" Jay-Z
Cameron uses a mix of other popular rap songs, too. But he likes the Jay-Z song because there is a line that says "Welcome to N.Y. City" in it. Cameron was so excited to be a Met, that he immediately found the music people at his signing press conference and told them that this was the song he wanted.
C Jason Phillips "Rock You Like A Hurricane" The Scorpions
Jason is extremely superstitious. They want to mix it up. He won't let them. If he has four at-bats in a game, the crowd at Shea will hear "Rock You Like a Hurricane" four times.
3B Todd Zeile "Let It Whip" Dazz Band
Todd's very into his music. A fan favorite, he will mix it up depending on how he is feeling the day of the game. Sometimes disco, sometimes rock, always fun. Red Hot Chili Peppers songs
OF Eric Valent A mix of Billy Joel classics
An intern came to the music guys and put up a picture of Valent next to a picture of a young Billy Joel. The similarities were uncanny. Since then, they have been playing an array of Billy Joel classics -- everything from "The Entertainer" to "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant." Valent, not the biggest Joel fan, started hitting well, so he told them to keep it going. This resonates with the New York crowd.
LHP Al Leiter A mix of Bruce Springsteen's hits
Leiter, who went on stage with The Boss for one of his shows at Shea Stadium last summer, always comes out to Springsteen. A Jersey guy, he demands that it's "The Boss" always introducing him to the crowd. He tried using "The Rising" last year, but he has returned to "Rosalita," which he used in his stellar 1999 season.
RHP Kris Benson "Wat Da Hook" Murphy Lee
Information from the Pirates music staff
LHP John Franco "Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith
Franco chose "Sweet Emotion" because he says he is very fortunate for being able to recover from what everyone considered a career-ending injury. It truly is sweet emotion for him.
LHP Mike Stanton "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" Toby Keith
Stanton feels very strongly about his country, and he thinks this song has a true message. He also has an American flag image waving when he comes out of the bullpen.
RHP Braden Looper "Hell's Bells" AC/DC
Honors of one of baseball's best all-time closers, Trevor Hoffman.