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The resurgence of the Colorado Rockies (19 victories in their last 29 games), has apparently had little to nothing to do with the teams' predominately "old-school" music choices -- and they're not attributing the altitude either. A stuffed squirrel (that's actually a chipmunk) is actually credited with their recent successes.

Outfielder Mark Sweeney keeps "Rocky the Squirrel" an integral part of the team -- complete with team uniform and sweatbands. Perhaps The Beatles' "Rocky Raccoon" would make a good substitute for Van Halen's "Beautiful Girls."

Player Song Artist
2B Aaron Miles "Unshined" Soundgarden
SS Royce Clayton "Yeah" Usher
1B Todd Helton "Do You Call My Name" Ra
3B Vinny Castilla "El Matador" Los Fabulosos Cadilacs
OF Larry Walker "Crazy Train" Ozzy Osbourne
OF Preston Wilson Rotation of 50 Cent songs
OF Jeromy Burnitz "Zombie Nation" Kernkraft 400
C Todd Greene "Bleed American" Jimmy Eat World
OF Mark Sweeney "Beautiful Girls" Van Halen
LHP Shawn Estes "Are You Gonna Go My Way" Lenny Kravitz
RHP Jason Jennings Anything by Metallica
LHP Denny Neagle "Master of Puppets" Metallica
LHP Joe Kennedy "Thunderstruck" AC/DC
RHP Aaron Cook "Boom" P.O.D.
RHP Steve Reed "Midnight Blue" Lou Gramm
LHP Jeff Fassero "Heartbreaker" Led Zeppelin
RHP Denny Stark "Vasoline" Stone Temple Pilots