"Personal entertainment" gets dangerous


Previous WSOP Moment

At breakfast early Saturday morning, I was joined by a friend who shall remain nameless, who told me the best story I've heard yet from this year's WSOP. (In the interests of full disclosure and journalistic integrity, the guy who told me the story got it directly from the tale's protagonist while sitting at the same table in a tournament the day after the misadventure occurred.)

It seems the protagonist of the tale (not famous), contracted with an attractive but impatient lady of the night to provide him with a partial evening's entertainment for a fee agreeable to both parties. But when the lady in question arrived at the gentleman's hotel room, he was previously engaged - in an online sit-n-go tournament.

Though the lady indicated in no uncertain terms that she was ready - in fact, eager - to commence, time being money in her profession, he politely asked her to wait until he could finish the tournament. This did not please the lady, which, however, did not deter the gentleman from his poker-playing.

Finally, beyond irritation, the lady pulled a gun on the player, who ran from his room, screaming for security.

Meanwhile, the lady, gun in hand, grabbed the computer and took off in the other direction.

Alas, she was captured by security, who returned the computer to the player.

"Then what happened?" he was asked by one of the other players at his tournament table, as he concluded his tale.

"I still had a stack left in the sit-n-go, so I plugged the computer back in, reconnected and finished playing," he replied.