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Thursday, April 12, 2001
Updated: September 24, 9:58 AM ET
Being ... Michael Jordan

Page 2 staff

Millions of us have dreamed about being Michael Jordan. Why, you'd be rich, handsome and able to dunk on any guy at the YMCA. There's only one MJ, but Page 2 can offer a glimpse of what it's like to be His Airness.

He's worth more than just about any athlete in history. He won six NBA titles and two Olympic golds. His face is recognizable worldwide. And he made perhaps the greatest exit of any athlete ever.

So, why would Michael Jordan even thinking of coming back to the NBA at age 38? Let's go inside his brain to find out what MJ's thinking.

"I can still eat him for lunch."

"He's still in the league? Yummm."

"So I'll trade myself for Kobe, win a couple championships with Shaq and Phil in L.A., then rebuild the Wizards around the kid. This GM stuff is easy."

"My teammates in Washington will be who? Geez, maybe I do need Barkley after all. Might even need to give Ewing a call and reunite the old Dream Team. What's Bird doin' these days?"

"C'mon, Davey, beg me to come back. At least get down on your knees."

"I love Phil, and I really dig all those books he used to give me to read. But what the heck is that stuff growin' on his chin?"

"Yeah, I can take him, too ... but maybe later."