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Tuesday, September 4, 2001
The List: Greatest sports
wives of all-time

Page 2 staff

Check out Page 2's choices below for the 10 greatest sports wives of all-time, then examine our readers' picks and vote in our poll to crown the greatest sports wife ever.

Halle Berry
To many men, divorcing Halle Berry was David Justice's biggest error.
Here are Page 2's choices:

1. Halle Berry
We hear David Justice likes to wander around the Yankee clubhouse singing, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

2. Marilyn Monroe
Married for a tempestuous time to Joe Dimaggio, perhaps the ultimate American celebrity pairing.

3. Vanessa Williams
How lucky is Rick Fox? He gets to play ball with Shaq and Kobe, and then he gets to go home to Vanessa.

4. Angie Harmon
Who will ever forget Jason Sehorn, down on his knees, proposing on national TV to the "Law & Order" star?

5. Patti McGuire
Before she married Jimmy Connors, McGuire was a Playmate of the Year.

6. Brooke Shields
Actress was there for the rise and fall of ex-husband Andre Agassi.

Bridgette Wilson
Bridgette Wilson reportedly has a promising acting career.
7. Bridgette Wilson
Pete Sampras hasn't been the same on the court since his marriage, but he's not complaining.

8. Carol Alt
Supermodel's marriage to Rangers blue-collar defenseman Ron Greschner didn't last, but she still has a fondness for hockey players. Currently involved with Islanders center Alexei Yashin.

9. Steffi Graf
Currently producing future world champions with Andre Agassi, who needed years to complete his Grand Slam.

10. Victoria Beckham
Posh Spice and David Beckham are practically royalty in Britain.

Honorable mentions
Jane Russell (Bob Waterfield), Robin Givens (Mike Tyson), Chris Evert (Andy Mills and John Lloyd), Tatum O'Neal (John McEnroe)