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Sunday, October 21, 2001
Updated: October 24, 2:13 AM ET
Page 2's List: Greatest
team streaks

Page 2 staff

Last week Page 2 listed the top individual streaks in sports, so now we're focusing on the best streaks by teams.

And by greatest, we give more weight to how unbreakable a record it is.

Check out our top 10 below, then see how Page 2 readers' ranked their top 10 list. And don't forget to vote in the poll to crown the greatest all-time streak by a team.

Here's Page 2's list:

1. L.A. Lakers' 33-game winning streak (Nov. 5, 1971 to Jan. 7, 1972)
That's close to half a season, while zipping back-and-forth from coast-to-coast. Next best is 20 by Washington Bullets (March 13 to Dec. 4, 1948 -- five games during 1947-48 season, 15 games during 1948-49 season) and Milwaukee Bucks (Feb. 6 to March 8, 1971).

2. UCLA's seven straight NCAA titles (1967-73)
Certainly will never be approached, but "only" No. 2 because expanded NCAA tournament now tougher to win. Next best: Six teams have won two straight, including UCLA

3. Oklahoma's 47-game Division I college football winning streak (1953-57)
More than four full seasons without a loss or a tie. Next best: 39 by Washington (1908-14).

4. New York Yankees' 11 straight postseason series wins (1998-current)
And counting. Next best: Six, by the Oakland A's of 1972-1974.

5. Boston Celtics' eight consecutive NBA titles (1959-66)
Would be higher on the list, but teams only had to win two playoff series to win championships in those days. Next best: Three, by Bulls twice in the '90s and Lakers (1952-54).

6. New York baseball Giants' 26-game unbeaten streak (1916)
Giants had 25 wins and a tie during the streak, but finished fourth in the NL that year. Next best: Chicago Cubs had 21-game winning streaks in 1880 and 1935.

7. Pittsburgh Penguins' 17-game winning streak (March 9-April 10, 1993)
Next best: New York Islanders' 15-game winning streak (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20, 1982).

8. Prairie View A&M's NCAA football record 80-game losing streak (Nov. 4, 1989 to Sept. 26, 1998)
Division I-AA school in a class by itself. Northwestern still has Division I record of 34 straight losses (Sept. 22, 1979 to Sept. 18, 1982).

9. North Carolina's NCAA women's soccer 103-game unbeaten streak (Sept. 30, 1986 to Sept. 17, 1990)
Tough to pick best Tar Heels streak: Nine consecutive NCAA championships (1986-94), 92 consecutive wins (Oct. 12, 1990 to Sept. 30, 1994), or 84 consecutive home wins (Sept. 6, 1986 to Sept. 18, 1994).

10. U.S. Ryder Cup team's 13 straight titles (1959-1985)
Great Britain-Ireland team finally got tired of getting kicked around so they added Europe to its team to break the streak.

Honorable mention
New York Yankees five straight World Series championships (1949-1953), Montreal Canadiens' five straight Stanley Cup titles (1956-60), Philadelphia Flyers' 35-game unbeaten streak (Oct. 14, 1979 to Jan. 6, 1980), Winnipeg Jets' 30-game winless streak (Oct. 19 to Dec. 20, 1980), Penn State football's 46 consecutive non-losing seasons (1939-87), Canton Bulldogs' 25 straight NFL games without a defeat (1921-23); U.S. men's basketball team's seven straight Olympic gold medals (1936-68)